This New Keurig For Alcohol Is Adulting Done RIGHT

Photo: Somabar

I'm the kind of person who's dreamed of living in a smart house ever since I saw the Disney Channel movie, "Smart House." 

The idea of having all the monotonous chores and to-dos of my daily life automated and done without me having to lift a finger is so exciting it's almost erotic. Almost. 

And lucky for me, I'm growing up in a world that's slowly inching towards making that dream a reality. 

While we still don't have an affordable robot maid or a contraption that would duplicate my lone socks, there is something new to get excited about for those of us that love to be lazy: a robotic bartender. 

Somabar is one of those unicorn inventions that makes you look cooler than you actually are. In just seconds, it makes you a cocktail so good that it will leave your house guests wondering "How does she do it?" 


This beautiful piece of machinery lets you order drinks through an app on your phone based on what ingredients you currently have it stocked with AND tells you when you're out of stuff. 

As of the now the app is stored with over 300 different kinds of drinks, but if you feel like getting a little creative, the app also has a feature for customizable drinks, meaning you'd be able to play mixologist without having to mix a single thing.

Another amazing feature that will ensure my laziness is the water-flushing system. While you still have to remove the Somabar's six refillable and dishwasher-safe "Soma Pods," the drink maker automatic flushes its system with water after every drink so you never have to worry about your margarita having a hint of Captain and Coke. 

Like all great things in life, the Somabar is not ready for your techy kitchen just yet.

It's in the final phase of manufacturing according to its Kickstarter site, and will hopefully soon hit stores everywhere. For those of us who have no patience and can't freakin' wait, you can preorder your Somabar for $429.

But the only available colors are black and white, so you might want to chill until your blue robot bartender is available. 

I personally can not wait to throw out all the mixers, jiggers, strainers and recipe books I've never used in my life and replace them with something that will get its money's worth within five days.