10 Reasons To Just SCREW IT ALL And Smoke Weed Tonight

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10 Reasons To Just Screw It And Smoke Weed

Snoop Dogg is a wise man, especially when it come to his affinity for pot. As long as it's a once in a while treat, smoking a good blunt can actually help you unwind, focus, and enjoy life. At times, it's actually the best way to spend a weekend.

Here are ten awesome reasons erm... excuses you can use to kick back and enjoy some quality time with Mary Jane.

1. Because sometimes, you just need a good excuse to snarf down serious amounts of Taco Bell.


Oh, I know how much of a conflict it is. Your waistline says "no," but your taste buds scream "yes!" Can I get an amen from my people who love stoner food?

2. Because it was made illegal for stupid reasons.

Politicians just saw it as a threat to the tobacco industry and were having difficulty taxing it. That's actually why a lot of states are now working to decriminalize it.

3. Because you occasionally do need to unleash your inner subculture stereotype.

Let's just face it: almost every single alternative subculture out there is known for smoking a joint. I speak as someone who has proudly worn the label of "raver" for years. I've totally been there.

4. Because it can help you relax and also soothe your stomach.

Health benefits of marijuana are actually pretty well-documented by now.

5. Because smoking weed is a really nice, chill way to be wild.


It's a lot calmer than drinking tends to be, that's for sure!

6. Because it really does make the afterglow of sex just a little bit better.

After a good roll in the hay is the perfect time to roll a blunt or hit the bong. Not only are you feeling physically spent, but you also will get that nice, slightly lightheaded feeling that smoking pot gives you. What could be better than that?

7. Because there are some days when only a blunt can calm you down from all the little annoyances you have to deal with.


The phone won't stop ringing. Bills are overdue. For some odd reason, your cat won't stop peeing on your clothing. All of those little problems are a lot more tolerable if you just settle down with a joint once in awhile.

8. Because the shows on Netflix or on TV are a lot funnier when you're high.

It's safe to say that everyone can name at least one show that's downright hilarious after a good smoke. (Cough, Family Guy, cough.)

9. Because actually dancing without looking like an assh*le is possible on weed, but not on tequila.

You know what I'm talking about...

10. Because everyone has a "f*ckit" moment once in awhile, and nothing quite helps make those moments a bit better like a big, fat blunt.


And nothing quite cures a case of the "f*ckits" like a blunt and a shot of whiskey.