15 Moving Insta-Poems That'll Make You Think Differently About Life

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Instagram Quotes About Life By Poet Beau Taplin
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We write with the words we cannot always say out loud.

From being a loner, to realizing 'goodbyes' are possibly better than 'hellos,’ to understanding and indulging in — not loneliness  but self-love, to loving all the wrong people … This poet has written it all. 

Beau Taplin, a poet from Melbourne, Australia, has built a poetic structure that withstands the assumed boundaries of what poets are set out to be and write. Seemingly enough, the six books he has written break down those same boundaries and relinquish further assumptions of what a poet should be. 


Poetry is an art form. It is a way for people to communicate through art, to speak without necessarily speaking out loud. Those same words that connect us with people can also break us.

Words have a powerful history and continue to live on that legacy. 

In one of Beau’s poems titled ‘Growing Pains,’ he explains just that. 

“Awfully, we all learn very early on that a human being can break you in a few short, simple words.”

That’s the power of poets. We write with passion. We write with the words we cannot always say out loud.

We write with the words that we feel in our very flesh and bones, and THAT is what makes a poem so powerful and enriched with emotion.

A poem itself is an emotion — like each of these from Beau Taplin ...

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On feeling heartbroken.
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"Hey listen, it's alright, feeling a little heartbroken now and then is a good thing. It's how you know you still care. It's how you know there are things for you in this world that will still matter, that are still worth hurting for." — Beau Taplin

On overcoming an obstacle.
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"I need you to pinpoint the precise moment the idea of dying became more beautiful to you than how you feel when you look into your own reflection. When your friends and family first begun to cover their ears and avert their eyes as thought your tears were nails down a chalkboard. When every inch and fibre of your being first begun to scream at its own existence. Now, dismantle it. Tear it to goddamn pieces. Know that every breath you take is a triumph. That the beating in your heart is like a clenched fist raised to the world as its witness, chanting, 'I made it. I made it. I made it.'" — Beau Taplin

On love being a privilege.
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"I'm not interested in light little flings, skin-deep attractions, or long loveless marriages. With you, I only want raw, full-blooded connection, to share a bond full of passion and breathtaking adventure. After all, love is not a pastime, but a magnificent privilege."  — Beau Taplin

On loving every part of a person.
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"There are worlds in you, and I have fallen in love with every one." — Beau Taplin

On the power of words.
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"Awfully, we all learn very early on that a human being can break you in a few short, simple words." — Beau Taplin

On getting over someone.
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"Oh darling, do not be ashamed of the way you cry for him. It does not give him the power over you. Like the great floods of old you are simply washing yourself of wickedness, and soon he will be forgotten."  — Beau Taplin

On fear of commitment.
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"I'm not afraid of commitment. I'm afraid of surrendering control too quickly—of placing my heart into hands that won't know how to hold it."  — Beau Taplin

On opening up.
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"I rarely open up. I don't like to feel vulnerable or be misunderstood. But now and then I get to talking to somebody and something about them just resonates with me—whether total stranger or old friend, in their presence, I feel a certain safety, a rare calm, and everything comes gushing out." — Beau Taplin

On wrongful judgement.
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"Please, do not mistake my tendency to be private and standoffish for either sheepishness or arrogance. Once you get to know me, you'll find I'm both lively and kind. These high walls aren't here because I want to keep the whole world out. I'm just very particular about who I invite back to mine." — Beau Taplin

On loving the wrong person.
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"We don't mean to hurt each other but we do. And perhaps no matter how right we are for each other, we'll always be a little too wrong." — Beau Taplin

On courage.
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"Goodbyes take a great deal of courage, but what takes even more is the Hello that comes next. To cast your aversions aside despite all you have suffered and take a chance on somebody new. To risk it all again because you know human connection is precious and rare and always worth the risk." — Beau Taplin

On being a loner.
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"I am a loner at heart, though you wouldn't know it. I regularly make an effort to leave the house and mingle, and when I do, I endeavor to appear both approachable and friendly. However, in the back of my mind, there always lies this dull steady ache, begging me to leave." — Beau Taplin

On being self-destructive.
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"'My heart beats in almosts. It's constantly in pursuit of those whom it desires, but the moment it comes too close, it recoils and trembles, stops dead in its tracks, and bolts in the opposite direction. I hold onto what makes me miserable and let the good things go. I'm self-destructive,' I said. 'It's the way I've always been.'

'And why do you think that is?'

'Because it's easier to destroy something you love,' I said, 'Than it is to watch it leave.'" — Beau Taplin

On finding similarities.
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"It certainly wasn't love, but we carried the same scars and sometimes that is close enough." — Beau Taplin

On second chances.
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"I gave you a second chance. I ran back into the burning house to save the things I loved." — Beau Taplin