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Smart Girls Don't Waste Time With Boys Who Send Mixed Messages

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Too many men have perfected the art of blurred lines and mixed messages. When you're with them, you feel special and 105% convinced that you're on the same page. But when you're apart, you're constantly questioning if the guy even likes you. 
Here's the thing that bears repeating a million and one times: if a guy really likes you, you won't have to question it. 
Not to say that the guy you're stressing over wasn't into you at some point or isn't into you now. He's just not into you enough to really do anything about it. Maybe he wants to keep being single and play the field. Maybe he's still talking to his ex. Maybe he's about to leave the country for a year and is just trying to get some booty. 
The reason doesn't really matter.
All that matters is that you don't waste your time. 
A guy who's sending you mixed messages doesn't want that. He's probably just telling you what you want to hear so you'll have sex with him. 
Sure he might like you a little — and maybe even think about dating you in the future — but right now, you're not a priority. And therefore, you shouldn't make him one either. 
Because when a guy really likes you, he makes sure you know it. You feel special, and happy and like he really wants you there.
Relationships are tough, and there are so many obstacles you'll have to face. But one issues that you should never have — especially early on — is feeling like the guy you're with doesn't really want to be with you. 
If your current romantic life is just one big game of "Will he or won't he," then it's time to ditch.
Stop wasting your time on guys who don't care if they waste yours. Stop waiting for the mixed message to become clear. Because chances are, they won't. 
Letting a guy drag you through the mud is telling him that you're cool with being second choice. When you don't stand up for yourself, people walk all over you. 
So for the love of yourself and all that you deserve, cut the shit. If you're talking to a guy and he's wishy-washy about going on dates or being exclusive or he doesn't text you except to ask to hang out — and his excuse is "I'm bad a texting" — stop talking to him. 
When you get rid of the guys who aren't worth your time, you make room for someone who is. And until he shows up, you'll have a lot more fun living your life rather than waiting for some dude to text you.