What He Loves About Your Personality, According To His Zodiac Sign

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He loves this about your personality based on his sign.
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Find out what makes him tick.

No matter how hot you are, no relationship can sustain itself just on the hotness of the partners. You've got to have shared interests, goals, values and a good personality. You may have qualities about you that are engaging and even more attractive than your looks.

There are some personality traits that simply makes us click with certain people. It's surprising that some of the characteristics we find appealing in others, which they may not even consider, is a selling point about themselves. You may make your partner happy just by being around him and smiling.

Women who don't constantly worry about what others think of them, and who are true to themselves, have a special kind of beauty. When one is always worrying about what others think of them, it can be truly exhausting to be around them. But if they're comfortable in their own skin, people don't feel tired just listening to their insecurities.

Naturally, taking care of yourself by eating right and exercising isn't just attractive, it's good for your health, and healthy is always appealing.

With any couple, good chemistry that isn't only physical is extremely important. Are you able to joke around with your significant other or have good conversations? Can you relax enough just let your hair down and have some fun?

Sometimes it's just being present and not constantly on social media that makes your partner feel as if they have your attention, and this will strengthen your relationship. Things like integrity, honesty, and optimism are lovable qualities, and they're the kind of traits that tie us together with our loved ones.

We can sometimes focus on our negative qualities or the things we want to change, and can be completely unaware of our most lovable traits. But here's what he loves about your personality, according to his zodiac sign.

An Aries man loves your bold personality.
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When a woman is confident and fearless, she's usually up for anything. That's a trait that Aries really appreciates, especially when he wants to do something challenging and/or competitive.

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A Taurus man loves your down-to-earth personality.
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Taurus loves it that you don't need to go on fancy, expensive dates all the time, and that you're perfectly happy staying home and watching Netflix.

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A Gemini man loves your friendly personality.
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Gemini adores how you can easily make friends and engage in conversation with anyone. He loves how you can navigate your way through any social situation. He knows that when he introduces you to family and friends, you'll make a great impression.

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A Cancer man loves your compassionate personality.
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Cancer can't get over how he can talk to you really easily. You understand and share your thoughts, making the conversation flow naturally.

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A Leo man loves your happy personality.
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Leo falls in love with you all over again when you appear happy to see him. You always give him a big hug or a smile when you're together, demonstrating how happy he makes you, which, in turn, makes him happy.

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A Virgo man loves your unpredictable personality.
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Virgo loves (though he may not tell you) how you surprise him, by liking or doing things he wouldn't expect. He can't fully figure you out, which keeps him intrigued. He also loves when you do something sweet and unexpected to surprise him.

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A Libra man loves your open-minded personality.
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Libra loves how you never judge him. He knows he can talk about anything with you and it won't lead to conflict or negative feelings.

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A Scorpio man loves your honest personality.
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There's nothing your Scorpio man admires more than your honesty and your ability to be 100 percent truthful at all times.

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A Sagittarius man goes bananas for your funny personality.
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Your Sagittarius man loves how you have an awesome sense of humor, and that you love joking around and being silly. He adores how you don't take life too seriously.

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A Capricorn man loves your ambitious personality.
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Capricorn is smitten by your work ethic, your ambition, and how you completely own it. You're goal-oriented — what of it? You plan to be well established in your career at 35 and retired at 50.

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An Aquarius man loves your self-confident personality.
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Aquarius loves how you know you're all that and therefore never get jealous. You both have plenty of friends of the opposite sex and you don't worry about him straying, which makes Aquarius feel confident in the relationship.

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A Pisces man loves your artistic personality.
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Pisces loves how you're creative and have some kind of interesting talent, whether it be painting, drawing, acting, writing, playing an instrument, or cooking. He loves how you both can get lost in your own creative projects, and come together and be excited about it. He loves the joy you share in creating art.

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