Husbands With BIG Penises Get Cheated On 2X As Often, Says Science

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big penis

You know how when it comes to the penis we're always saying how size doesn't matter?

It turns out that we might have been totally, totally wrong.

A study conducted in Kenya found that men with big penises were twice as likely to have wives who have cheated on them!

I have three questions. One, who are these women? Two, can I meet them please? And finally, damn Gina! Admittedly, saying "damn, Gina" isn't a question, but I trust that you'll agree with the sentiment. 

The research was actually conducted because of the rise of HIV in women who live in Kenya. The researchers hoped that by identifying causes of unprotected sex they would be able to help stop the spread of HIV.

The discovery regarding penis size was just a total fluke. 

In the study, 550 couples were interviewed separately. Interestingly, some of the women who cheated on their partners even blamed the big penis (larger than six inches, according to the study) for their cheating! Some women said that their partner's penis size actually caused them so much discomfort that they felt they had to look for partners outside of their marriage for whom big penis size wasn't an issue. 


So keep this in mind the next time your guy starts asking you if he's big enough. Tell him that his penis is just perfect and that he should be glad it isn't any bigger. If it was, you might have to cheat on him in order to keep yourself happy. 

Yes. Because there's no possible way that conversation could backfire at all. 


At the end of the day, penis size probably had very little to do with why the women in this study actually cheated. After all, a big penis doesn't have to mean painful sex. Usually all that is required to make having sex with a big penis enjoyable is lots of foreplay and even more communication.

I wonder if the study had dug a little deeper, if researchers might have found that it was lack of communication that was really at the root of the issue.

I don't mean to undermine the work that this study is doing. It's important! HIV is insidious and needs to be stopped. But maybe instead of focusing on why people have unsafe sex, the study would be better served turning its resources towards PROMOTING safe sex, as well as other adult education about sex that could help couples cement their bond instead of looking for other partners to fill some void they might be feeling.