Miley Cyrus Is Guaranteed To Be The Best Judge EVER On ‘The Voice'

Photo: YouTube
miley cyrus the voice

She'll come in like a wrecking ball (in the best way, of course).

Miley Cyrus is joining NBC’s The Voice tonight as a judge for season 11 and, if you’re a fan of the show, you should be really excited about that. And not just because there’s the outside chance that we might see Miley Cyrus naked or watch her jump out of a flaming piñata or anything.

The amazing thing about what Miley has transformed into over the past few years is that, with her, ANYTHING is possible. She might duet with Bill Murray, flash a nipple, perform with Metallica, post some provocative selfies, or ride into the auditorium in a giant hemp-powered blimp.

Will we see Miley naked (well, NBC-censor-friendly naked) or will she move us to tears with a simple country ballad? She has equal potential to give us either scenario on The Voice.

More than almost any other major female singing star at the moment, Miley Cyrus consistently refuses to allow anyone to properly define her. And, for better or for worse, that makes her an intensely interesting performer, which is why she’s a perfect fit for The Voice.

When The Voice premiered, it was pitched as a more artist-friendly version of American Idol. Looks and image and age, apparently, did not matter to The Voice. All that mattered was ... well, your voice. Your vocal talent was the only thing that the judges were paying attention to — in the early rounds, at least.

The appeal of this was that you could end up with a HUGE variety of contestants on the show — not just boy band or girl group wannabes — all with their own unique sounds and styles.

Take last season’s Laith Al-Saadi for an example. Can you imagine that big-bearded, bar-band-fronting troubadour ever getting a second glance from Simon Cowell? But he went on The Voice and KILLED IT, because his sound was amazing and the judges let him remain true to himself.

That’s why Miley is such an ideal fit for the show.

Like her or not, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that Miley is an original. She does what she wants to do. And she does it with an incredible voice herself. 

Maybe it’s Miley staging an outrageous VMA performance where she humps a teddy bear. Maybe it’s Miley nude on a wrecking ball singing (arguably) one of the best power ballads of the past 20 years.

Maybe it’s Miley dropping a surprise collaboration with The Flaming Lips and doing a bizarre stage show to support it.

Maybe it’s Miley crooning on a Bill Murray Christmas special, because who wouldn’t want to do that?

Maybe it’s Miley staring in Woody Allen’s new TV series for Amazon, because what a weird, random opportunity for her as an actress.

Miley takes the road less traveled and most often, with amazing results.

So, maybe more than any other judge, The Voice contestants don’t have to worry about Miley trying to crimp their style. Miley knows how to let a freak flag fly, so, hopefully, she’ll extend that same respect to her team members.

But that doesn’t mean that Miley is just going to let them do what they want to do. She’s made past guest judge appearances on The Voice and always had really insightful, professional commentary.

Plus, on the preview show for this season, they already showed Miley connecting with a contestant over their mutual love for Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”

BTW, lest we forget, Miley can SERIOUSLY sing.

If you haven't heard Miley sing "Jolene", that needs to be your first stop. In fact, anything in her Backyard Sessions will blow you away.

But her love for "Jolene" stop there. Miley has actually convinced Dolly Parton — yes, Dolly frickin’ Parton — to join her team as a guest judge this year and she even admitted that she has to keep in touch with Dolly via a FAX machine, because Ms. Parton doesn’t text.

So, yeah. Miley is a bad-ass. She sings, she refuses to conform, and she WORKS.

Regardless of whether or not Miley strips down or says anything shocking, The Voice is seriously lucky to have her on staff this year. Because, if those contestants have to learn how to have a professional career from their judges, how great is it that they get to learn from such an iconoclast like Ms. Cyrus.

Should be a fun season…