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6 Original Songs From 12-YO Grace VanDerWaal That'll Give You CHILLS

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Grace Venderwaal life love quotes

So ... we need to talk about Grace Vanderwaal...

Okay ... need to talk about Grace Vanderwaal, because I am seriously OBSESSED!

Grace Vanderwaal, the latest winner of America's Got Talent, is an amazing 12-year-old girl who not only can play the ukelele like a champ, but also has some killer pipes (that's slang for vocal chords, for you kids out there), and amazing lyrics of self love and acceptance that goes WAY beyond her years. And I do mean WAY.


Before AGT, she was posting her original songs and covers of popular songs on her Youtube channel, Oh Nevermind it's just me. She said she started writing songs because she was bored, but enjoyed it and just kept going!

No surprise, she took the world by storm on AGT with her first performance of "I Don't Know My Name," an original song she wrote, she stated, from her heart, and performed magnificently. It wasn't just her voice that wowed. It was how much this little kid seemed to understand about life and love.

Simon was not kidding when he said that he predicted that she'd be the next Taylor Swift. (Between you and me, I think she'll be bigger! No offense, Tay!)

But enough of that, let's get to the music! Take a look (and a listen) at the quotes about life and love from the lyrics from these 6 songs...

1. "The Good Just Gets Better"

This is one of my personal favorites. A song that reminds us that we've got a lot to learn ...

You think that you know everything to know about the world 
But let me tell you now, you're just a little girl

And more to experience ...

There's much more to come, you can't give up now
College exams and high school boyfriends
Just getting by for the rest.

That sometimes we have to learn the hard way ...

Sure your rough days and your heartbreaks, but ice cream is the best medicine for mistakes

And that above all, we can get through this, whatever this may be, one step at a time ... 

So we'll take it one step at a time, don't be nervous, you will be fine. We'll get through this together, you and me

2. "Gossip Girl"

This one may not focus specifically on self love, but it certainly plays a part in it. Toxic people can influence how we feel about ourselves and how we navigate through the world. This song is just a great call to action — let the toxic people go!

You're the gossip girl, I thought you were real to me, the gossip girl, but you're just plastic, girl. 

Shiny plastic hard shell,

Done giving the gossip, girl

3. "I Don't Know My Name"

This is the song that started it all. Her breakout song on America's Got Talent put her on the map instantly. I know when I saw this when it came out, I was awestruck, and to me, it was clear that even if for some crazy reason she didn't win AGT, she'd still go onto big things.

This song is the embodiment of what everyone goes through as we grow up — changing for the better.

Trying to figure ourselves out ...

I don't know my name, I don't play by the rules of the game

I am lost trying to get found, in an ocean of people

But I'm trying to find my way

Changing ...

You ask me why I cut my hair and changed myself completely

I went from bland and popular to joining the marching band

And oftentimes getting criticized for it ...

So you say I'm just trying

Please don't ask me any questions, there'll be a valid answer, I'll just say that I don't know my name

But you know what? It's worth it!

"I made the closest friends I ever have in my lifetime"

She sings this song without needing anyone's validation, or taking anyone's criticism to heart because in the end, it's what's best for ourselves, not the people around us.

4. "Beautiful Thing (Perform)"

This is a song she wrote for her sister. Isn't she the sweetest?? I can't even take it!

After we let go of the toxic people in our lives, the best thing to do is appreciate the people who make us happy, and the best we can be. She covers all the bases, people!

My other half, what makes me me, what makes me smile

When I fall down, get back get back get back up on my feet

Something inside you is triggering

It makes myself, it makes me funny

You’re a beautiful thing

We’re a beautiful thing together

5. "Light The Sky"

Katy Perry, who? What's all of this about fireworks? Because THIS song is all about shining brighter than a star just being who you are (no, I didn't mean to rhyme, but there it is). Doesn't it just lift you up?

Let's go out and do something we'd never do
Cause I feel like I can do anything when
My head is spinning and my feet off the ground
When I can't stop dancing like no one's around
And yeah, I think we were born to shine

Cause the stars are dull when they're compared to you and I
And if people don't like it then they can close their eyes
Cause' we're not the same and we don't have to try
We're brighter than fireflies, we're gonna light the sky"

6. "Clay"

Her final, winning performance, will of course be our grand finale. Honestly, where was this wisdom when was 12?? (Are you there, God? It's me, D'Vaughn!)

We've all gone through being talked about negatively, and can I just say that this is a WAY better comeback than "I am rubber, you are glue?" 

Your silly words
I wont live inside your world
Cause your punches and your names
All your jokes and stupid games
They don't work

Try to change my shape
But baby I'm not clay
Sorry not today
Cause baby I'm not ...

Her beautiful spirit shines through with her beautiful voice and lyrics. Congratulations, Grace! You deserve it, and I think we all look forward to seeing how much more of an amazing role model you'll become! (No pressure.)