14 Unexpected Things Men Do That Make Women Want To Have Sex

What makes women horny? Hint: It's not your bulging biceps or fancy car...

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What makes women horny? For many men, the reasons a woman might want to have sex are a mystery.

They spend hours pondering the web looking for reasons a woman's sex drive might be doing them the good service of running hot or if she'll have a low libido when next they meet.

The truth is, there isn't a whole lot to it (granted there are many lifestyle factors in play). Scientifically, women are just as easy to turn on as men, and the different reasons that we find ourselves eager to have sex with someone aren't that different from men's.


So, what makes women horny? Here are 14 things that make a woman want to have sex with a man.

Making a girl horny is easy, here are a few tips and tricks.

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1. Being there at the right moment.

She's out for a night on the town after a recent breakup, or she's turned on as hell. Whatever the reason, you just happened to luck out big town.

2. Great body language.

You spent the day communicating with her, not just with your words, but with what your mama gave you. That's right, body language, if done right, can make a woman ready.


3. Attraction.

Yeah, I know. Shocker. Hold on to your butts: if a woman's into you, she's eager at the prospect of having sex with you which makes for easy lubrication. Sometimes it's just that simple. 

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4. Being good at flattery.

If you've been complimenting her in a non-creepy way, she's sure to be feeling more relaxed and at ease which makes letting go and enjoying a bedroom romp that much more likely.


If you can make her feel deeply desired without making it weird, you may just get her pretty horny.

5. Physical attraction.

Sometimes a woman likes you, sometimes she likes your body. I'm not saying you've got to have a six-pack, whatever your body type is, if she's into it, she's into it and that's hot.

Use your body to make your girl horny enough to want to rip your clothes off.

6. Good kissing.

Nothing makes a woman more open to the idea of sleeping with a guy than his abilities as a kisser. Kisses are the only insight you get into a guy's potential bedroom prowess, after all. A good one is worth its weight in gold. And sex. 

7. A need for affection.

That might sound kind of cold, but demonstrating how much we care about someone through affection is a definite reason women decide to have sex. It doesn't mean we're not totally into it, either.


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8. She misses you.

Turning on a woman could mean leaving her alone for a minute. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Give her room to miss you and she's more likely to be ready for a hot sex session when next you meet.


9. Being great at talking about sex.

If you're adept at talking about sex without coming off like a creep (again, lack of creepiness, in general, is a great rule) it can absolutely inspire a woman to feel more turned on and eager to hit the hay. 

Bonus Tip: if you are great at dirty talk, that can get a woman in the mood.

10. Consistency.

You're in a good mood, you're trustworthy, she doesn't expect you to lose your cool at any moment — these things make a woman feel safe and calm and when she feels safe and calm wanting to jump is not far behind.

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11. Being in the right environment.

When it comes to feeling sexy, the mood is everything. If you're someplace with a romantic vibe, be on high alert, the vibe of a place can work wonders on a woman's sex drive. 

12. Curiosity.

Women go through periods in their life of intense sexual exploration. If you find yourself with a woman who is keen to play and explore, this could be exactly what's got her so turned on. 

13. Consistency.

You call her when you know her day has been rough, you send her playful texts throughout the week, you're there for her in a non-sexual way which makes you even more attractive to her. 


At the end of the day what makes a woman horny depends on the woman.

Learn what she likes and dislikes, create a bond with her. This is the only way you can get a woman to want to have sex with you on an emotional level.

Whatever you do, make sure you have consent first!

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Rebecca Jane Stokes is the pop culture editor at Newsweek and a writer focused on love and relationships.