17 Memes That Prove Women Love Sex Just As Much As Men ... If Not More So!

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For far too long, society has been under the impression that all women treat sex like a chore and don't enjoy sex as much as men, but wise men know better. Wise men know that women can love sex just as much as men, but are perhaps held back by society's judgment — or simply have not found the one who brings that sexy side out of them!

I know that the men I've dated and slept with are all very well aware of the fact that they will get to see the side of me that can't wait to get home just for them to pounce on me.

However, while I don't have a problem showing my sexuality, there are women who do prefer to only let the one see that side of them, which might make them seem a little reserved to anyone else they date or see casually. 

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Truth is, we lust for sex in the way that vampires lust for blood... at times. (OK, maybe that's just me...)

Really, the only difference between men and women's sexual desires is that women understand how to delegate properly and juggle their priorities, while men can get a bit blindsided if their penises are involved. But let's face it! Women are better multitaskers than men, and while we would love to have sex whenever we feel like it, there are needs and priorities that are just as high on the list as sex such as eating that might need to be addressed before we jump in the sack with our partners.

But you need to know that women love sex! And they love sex just as much as men if not more, in some cases — even if they don’t act like savages in order to get laid. In fact, the internet is full of funny sex memes that say so. There are lots of sex memes that prove women may be worse than men when it comes to sex … deep down.

Here are 17 of the best sex memes poking fun at the nature of women’s libidos:

Speed Razor

Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

There's yet to be anyone to dispute this claim. Just saying. Women become like speed racers with that razor when they get that call or text saying bae is coming over. 

More Attractive

Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

I know of a great way to make you even more appealing. Wanna see?

New Attitude

Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

I don't care what anyone says. Not having sex in a while really can put you in a mood and likewise, getting sex can leave you grinning ear-to-ear all week.


Anger Aside

Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

It's the power of the peen or puss that brings you to your knees and sometimes makes you weaker than you should be. 

Food is Bae, Too

Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

They say food and sex are the way to men's heart, but this is more true for women than anyone else. 

High Intensity Workout

Memes that prove women love sex

Literally me in every sexual relationship I've ever been in. Poor fella.

Blushy Face Emoji

Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

...and continue to let your friends sit annoyed as they wonder whose got you smiling like that. 


Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

But only for five minutes because I want the real thing as soon as humanly possible. 

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Could've, Should've, Would've

Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

Can you make it here in the next hour? Don't hesitate to wake me up, I'll be here. 


Tout It

Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

When you want sex but you sort of don't want to look like a fiend, so you hit 'em with this move to make it known.


Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

Where have you been all of my life? Don't you know I need you?

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Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

Yep, sure can!

Three Things

Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

But especially your beard! That tickle sensation is amazing. 

Flowers Won't Fix It

Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

Don't be foolish; flowers can't fix EVERYTHING, and this is one of those things. 


Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

It's always a lie. Never believe this line. 


Much Joy

Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

In that moment, this feeling brings me so much joy. 

See You Soon, Friend

Memes that Prove Women Love Sex

At the most random times might I add, like when I'm sitting on the toilet and I just can't help but grin.