How To Flirt Using Just Your Body Language To Find “The One”

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How To Flirt With A Girl Or Guy Using Body Language To Show Attraction

Learning how to flirt with a girl or guy using your body language can be fun (and surprisingly easy!) Nonverbal communication can take the pressure off flirting because you don’t have to think of something witty to say. And, you won’t have to worry about blurting out something awkward or embarrassing. Plus, being flirtatious through body language can be seriously powerful, because physical attraction and chemistry are hard to hide.

A facial expression or body language can be undeniable signs of sexual attraction. In fact, a new show on FOX is about to launch with exactly this premise. Flirty Dancing is a show hosted by Jenna Dewan, that brings complete strangers together on a blind date that is centered around a dance performance. Each person is taught a dance routine before meeting each other for the first time to perform it (without saying a word).

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Singles will perform a choreographed dance with each of two potential love interests and then choose only one person whom he/she felt the strongest connection with. The show premieres on Sunday, December 29th, 2019 after the game on FOX, so make sure to tune in to see if it will be love at first dance.

You may not be a contestant on Flirty Dancing, but you can still learn how to flirt with a guy or girl using your body language. So, what is flirting using nonverbal communication? Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use both on and off the dance floor to help you find love (and maybe even your soulmate) in 2020.

1. Eye contact & scanning

One of the most obvious signs of attraction is eye contact. If you notice a guy staring at you a little bit too much or for too long, it likely means that he finds you attractive or intriguing. Likewise for men who notice a woman locking eyes or sneaking glances at them at a crowded party.

If you’re trying to flirt using eye contact, don’t hide your stares. Scanning your crush with your eyes can be a big sign of flirting too! Checking out their face, hair, and outfit (and making it obvious) shows how much you’re interested.

Make it obvious that you’re sneaking a peak (don’t try to hide it.) The way that you make eye contact matters too. If you’re a man, staring at a woman too intensely could come off as creepy so make sure to break eye contact once in a while and add a sweet smile. Women can slightly bat their eyelashes, let their crush notice their stare, and quickly look away.

2. Smiling

If you want to know how to flirt with a girl or guy using facial expressions, smiling is always a great place to start. Smiling is one of the most important parts of human interaction, with babies copying the smiles of their parents within only a day or two of being born.

People show off different smiles for different interactions. A full smile with an open mouth showing top and bottom teeth is typically used during courtship. A big, friendly smile while making eye contact is a winning combination for flirting and showing someone you’re attracted to them.

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3. Biting your lip or licking your lips

If you want to know how to attract men, biting or subtly licking your lips could do the trick. Men who want to attract women this way can do it too, but just be mindful not to go overboard. The lips are an erogenous zone and light biting or licking can help draw attention to this area.

Drawing attention to your mouth may make your crush think of kissing you, which is definitely a good thing! Biting or licking the lips can also be a sign of shyness, which can indicate that you want to talk to your crush, but that you’re nervous.

4. Angling your body and mirroring

Flirting with your body can be as simple as where and how you’re standing. Angling your body towards your crush is a flirtatious posture. Stand in a way so that your toes are pointing towards them, or lean in slightly if they’re telling a story.

Moving your body towards someone indicates that you want to get closer and focus your attention on them, indicating attraction. Mirroring someone’s posture and body language is another great way to flirt. This is a pretty natural way to show attraction so you may even find yourself doing it without thinking.

Are you crossing your arms because they’re crossing theirs? Are you leaning in because they’re leaning in? Make an effort to mirror them if you aren’t doing it already. They’ll be likely to pick up on the signals.

5. Light touching

Just a little bit of touching can go a long way when trying to flirt. Women tend to get away with this more than men, so guys, tread carefully. Ladies, if you want to appear flirtatious, try lightly touching your crush on their arm. If you’re having a conversation and they say something funny, a light arm squeeze can do the trick.

If they say something quirky or make a playful joke, a light tap on the chest or arm can be flirtatious too. For men trying to flirt with women, touching should be used sparingly. You could gently put your hand on her back as you try to get by her at a crowded party.

A friendly hand on the shoulder while complimenting something she did or said could be flirtatious too. The less sexual the touch, the more flirtatious it can seem. Touching her face can be a risky move but it’s undeniably flirtatious.

Learning how to flirt using your body language is a great skill. It can be difficult to strike up a conversation with your crush at a party or on the dance floor. But, if you know how to use nonverbal communication to show your attraction, flirting can be a whole lot easier (and a lot more fun too!)

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