16 Tiny Tattoos That Represent A Cause With BIG Meaning For You

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16 Tiny Tattoos That Represent A Cause With BIG Meaning For You

I have not always been a huge fan of tattoos.

I get that it’s a form of creativity and to express yourself, but the pain of getting it and the fact that it’s so permanent makes it a far less desirable form of expression than, say, dying your hair. Yes, I know you can have it removed but that’s no walk in the park either and it costs money.

While it’s not for me, I know why so many people like tattoos.

What I don’t understand are those tattoos that have absolutely no meaning. You know the ones I’m talking about … the ones you got after 4 beers and bitterly regretted the next morning. What's the point?

I think if you’re going to take the moment and get something inked onto your skin, there should be a reason. It should be to turn a scar into something beautiful or one with your favorite inspirational quote or one that means something to you personally or one to share something special with someone you love.

Or better yet, maybe get inked for a cause.  

Is there a cause you believe in or want to show your support for? Maybe to symbolize your acceptance of your body after an eating disorder or maybe to show support for a family member who suffers from dementia?

Whatever the cause that speaks to you the most, don’t be afraid to get it inked as both a reminder to yourself and to show the world what you care about.

Not sure how? Check out these 16 small but extremely meaningful tattoos and get inspired.

Remeber those who battle Alzheimer's.

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Alzheimer meaningful tattoo

The small symbol for Alzheimer's awareness is enough to remind you of those you love who cannot rememeber.

Show your stance against animal testing.

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Animal testing bunny heart tattoo

The bunnies in the shape of a heart symbolize your love for all small creatures, many of whom get tested on for products and treatments ... something this tattoo shows you are NOT okay with.

Bring awareness to Autism with the symbolic puzzle piece.

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Autism tattoo

The puzzle piece of Autism shows that while those who suffer from it may be different, they are still part of the puzzle just like the rest of us.

Stand with those who suffer from Breast Cancer.

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Breast Cancer tattoo

 Get inked in pink and show your support for those who battle breast cancer or even to show the world that you battle it yourself!

Don't be afraid to take a stand against anorexia and bulimia.

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bulimia anorexia tattoo

Let the world know how you care about protecting our environment.

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Tree environment tattoo

Whether you are all about keeping our forests or a recycling nut, get a tattoo that shows how much you care about keeping our Earth eco-friendly.

Remind yourself that not even panic attacks can take your strength away.

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panic attacks strong tattoo

Life continues even after a panic attack just like a sentence continues after an ellipses and sometimes you might have to ask for help, but that is strength too.

Show that you are a survivor of sexual assault, not a victim.

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sexual assault survivor tattoo.

Wear your scars (either your physical ones or your mental ones) with pride. It happened and it sucks but you won't let it stop you from living your life or from finding love. Go you!

Stand with those who suffer from PTSD.

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PTSD ribbon tattoo

Remind yourself that those who suffer from PTSD are never alone with the symbolic PTSD ribbon of awareness.

Stand with those who have strength to fight cancer.

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strength cancer tattoo

Let the world know how you admire those who never give up in the tireless fight against cancer.

Remind yourself that life is full of ups and downs with a heartbeat tattoo on your wrist.

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heartbeat suicide awareness tattoo

Whether to cover up a scar, stop you from giving yourself scars or to remind you of someone who gave themselves scars, a heartbeat serves to remind you that as hard as life may seem, it goes on and you can survive it.

Help yourself get through your anxiety by putting your mind over matter.

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mind matter anxiety tattoo

It's not always as simple as putting your mind to it, we know. But sometimes, all you need is a constant reminder that you can get through it to help you with your anxiety.

Just like a semicolon doesn't end a sentence, your depression doesn't have to end your life.

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depression semicolon tattoo

Stand with loved ones who suffer from dementia.

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elephant dementia tattoo

We all now the saying that an elephant never forgets, which unfortunately is the opposite of dementia. However, this tattoo serves as a reminder that your love is strong and never forgotten, even with dementia.

Make a splash about your love for the ocean.

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whale ocean conservation tattoo

Remind everyone that our world is made up mostly of water and it's so important to protect it and keep it, and the animals that live in it, clean and safe.

Get chemical with a tattoo of serotonin so you always have some to make you happy.

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serotonin depression anxiety depression tattoo

Serotonin is one of the molecules that help you be happy and sometimes, you don't have as much of it inside your brain but with this tattoo, you'll know you always have it with you and remember to try to be happy.


So before you go get inked, ask yourself: what do you want your tattoo to say about you?