24 ADORABLE Tattoos Perfect For You And Your BFF

matching tattoos friend

These designs say "friends for life."

What better way to ensure a lasting friendship than sharing a permanent reminder on your body?

When done creatively and uniquely best friend tattoos can make great stories and even help keep you emotionally bonded to your bestie.

This collection is filled with the sweetest and most adorable best friend tattoos we’ve ever seen. Maybe one’s perfect for you and your sister from another mister.

The perfect slice

Because we love each other more than our favorite pie. (And because who can turn down pizza?)

Matching kitties

Because you're like two cats in a teapot!

A planet and a spaceship

Because we can't imagine the universe without her in it.

A horseshoe

Because we're lucky to have found each other!

A dreamcatcher-compass

Because no matter the distance — we're together at heart. 

You are my sunshine ... my only sunshine.

Because she truly makes you happy when skies are gray. 

Watercolor doves

Because doves symbolize happiness — and that's exactly what we bring to each other!  

Matching lightsabers

Because your inner geeks bonded. And, well, because this is too badass to pass up! 

Russian nesting dolls

Because sometimes your best friends are your sisters.


The sun and moon

Because we love each other like the moon loves the sun.

Cheers! A glass of red wine!

Because ... good times!

Dream. Hope. Love.

Because we all inspire one another.

Evil eye

Because we've got each other's backs. Always.

All of my love!

Because you're also in LOVE with your best friend.


Paper planes

Because we always go the distance for each other.


Because we're both funny and sweet!

Other half avocado

Because she's your other half.

Three stages of flowers

Because our friendship will always grow.

One in the same. Two of a kind.

Because we're so close — we're practically twins! 

Pinky promise

Because we vow to remain friends until the end of time!


Because she's the jelly to your peanut butter! 

To infinity and beyond.

Because our friendship will never end.

Watercolor envelope

Because we'll always hold each other's secrets.