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8 GORGEOUS Tattoos For People With Scars

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8 GORGEOUS Tattoos For People With Scars

The texture of women's skin has been under scrutiny since the beginning of time

We're told to value smooth, unwrinkled, unmarked and tanned (but somehow still totally healthy) skin and to slather some makeup on anything that might be unsightly. 

While we're making progress on accepting our beautiful bodies as is, it doesn't mean we want everything exposed. Scars can remind us of past events and struggles that we'd rather not relive every day. 

For some reason, people (even strangers) have no problem pointing out scars and asking for their origin — even though it really is none of their business. So rather than let your scars define you, why not try one of these beautiful tattoo ideas for your scar instead:

Recognize how far you've really come.

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Tattoo 1

Some of the biggest changes in our lives happen slowly, over a long period of time. When you're feeling stuck and think positive change is out of your reach, it's important to look back and realize how far you've actually come. You might just surprise yourself. 

Proudly display that fact that you're a goddamn warrior.

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Women who survive cancer are often left with large scars, that we all wish didn't have to exist. But instead of covering up, women can proudly display the scars of their battle wounds in a way that reminds the world (and themselves) that they're capable of holding their own. 

Change the way you see a past struggle with a gorgeous floral design.

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back tattoo

Nothing can change the past, but you can change your mindset about it. Getting a tattoo that hides your scar isn't covering up your past; it's reminding you that something beautiful can come out of it. 

Treat your body like a beautiful canvas.

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There may be a part of your body that you haven't been a fan of for awhile. Fall back in love with a gorgeous piece of art you can't wait to show off. 

Have a little fun with it.

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Tattoo scissors

Not all scars are reminders of bad times. If you still want people to know it's there, there are a lot of fun, creative ways to do so with some ink. 

Own up to the fact that somethings are a daily struggle — and that's okay.

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still is

Not every obstacle we face has a real end. Life is about the journey, not the destination. 

Make your scars beautiful by honoring them with imagery.

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Whether it's from a surgery, an accident or something else, you can pay tribute to your scars with a meaningful tattoo. 

Take a past struggle and use it as a reminder of strength.

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never give up

If you've been battling with some internal struggles and depression, your scars can serve as a reminder for how strong you really are. 

To commemorate one of the best days of your life and reclaim the scar that marks it.

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c section tattoo

For many moms who delivered their babies via c-section, adjusting to the scar can be tough. But a gorgeous design over it both commemorates the life you made, and reclaims your body as your own.