11 Naughty Kissing Games For Adults Only

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kissing games

Kissing is great. It's awesome. We're all agreed on that front, right?

Yeah, I thought so. 

I can't imagine ever getting bored with kissing, but if I'm honest, the spirit of competition does add a special spark to even the most already spark-filled encounter. 

That's kind of why I'm obsessed with kissing games.

I used to associate kissing games as being stuff reserved solely for the young, but dude, I'm 33 and if kissing games are for the young, then they are definitely for the young AND the young at heart. 

We all know about 7 minutes in heaven and spin the bottle, but there are so many other fun, flirty kissing games! Plus now that you're grown, they go can from rated G to R, and, possibly, X. Here are 11 of my favorites. 


1. The red challenge

You and your kissing partner get a tube of bright red lipstick. You apply and get to smacking. After sixty seconds, all of the couples stop and the person with the most lipstick marks on their general person wins. Although, let's be real, making out is the prize in this game that everyone wins. 

2. Cuddle and kiss

Get your group of kissers in a circle. Now, take your favorite stuffed animal and pass it around the circle, telling everyone to kiss the stuffed animal a kiss. The catch, no one can kiss the animal in the same place twice. Sounds pretty innocent right? Well here's round two. Now each person must kiss the person to their right in the same place where they kissed the bear. For the squeamish, if you don't want to do it, you have to give the person on your left a hickey. 

3. Trivial kiss-suit

Write out a list of your favorites: color, animal, sex positions, the usual (ha). Then go ahead and quiz your partner. For each correct answer he gets, you give him a kiss. For every wrong answer, he has to remove a piece of clothing. There is no loser in this game. Deeeeevious! 


4. Clueless classic 

Get in a circle and break out a credit card, business card, or disposable coaster. Each person passes said item using only the suction from their mouths. Suck and blow, baby! If you drop the card the only punishment is winding up locking lips with the person who was trying to pass it to you. 

5. Kissing in the dark

This one is perfect for your cute couples only Halloween party. Take it the backyard after the sun sets, blindfold one person and everyone scatter. The blindfolded person must wander about, and whoever they bump into they have to kiss! You can keep it PG, a kiss on the hand is fine for the less bold. 

6. Truth or dare: kiss edition 

This one is a great entry level kissing game. Take the game of truth or dare and substitute kiss for truth. This way locking lips with someone of the group's choice is the fun punishment for the not so daring folks playing the game. 

7. A game of hearts

This one is so so so much fun and makes for great foreplay when it is just the two of you. Take a deck of cards and separate all the hearts. Then, divided them equally between you and your partner. You each draw a card and give the other the number of kisses listed on the card. 2 of hearts = 2 kisses and so forth. Sweet and sexy. 


8. The magic word 

Tell your partner that you've picked a magic word, and whenever they say it, you'll give them a kiss. What's great about this game is how long it can last. We're talking days and weeks, even if you pick a tricky enough word! 

9. Kissing fruit 

Take a snack you both love, like an apple, and take a bite without using your hands. Then pass it to them using only your mouth. The fun and messy back and forth will make the kisses the two of you share that much more sweet!

10. Taste the rainbow 

I love this one! Take a selection of small, different flavored candies. You eat one, and then kiss your partner until they can name the flavor of the candy that you just ate. They get lots of tender kisses and you get to eat SO MANY CANDIES. 

11. Kiss and stare 

This one is so much goofy, sweet fun! Have a staring contest with the dude or dudette you love to smooch. Whoever cracks first owes the winner a kiss on their body wherever the winner deems most desirable. Competition and kissing? Bring it on!