12 Most Adorable Animal Smooches To Make You Melt

Kiss: 12 Most Adorable Animal Smooches To Make You Melt

Prepare to have your heart turn to mush.

Kissing isn't distinct to humans. Tons of animals like to express affection with a peck on the lips…or face…or whatever they can reach, really. It's all good!



“Sit still so I can love you!”
Okay, this is just unbearably cute Feeling mushy yet?
<a href="http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/animal-kiss">tumblr</a>
Take note: be less grumpy or you're getting kissed in the eye
Llama peck!
Ooh, inter-species smooch
Huh, apparently dogs are irresistible
<a href="http://www.cuteanimals4you.com/2013/02/cute-animals-kissing-gifs.html">cuteanimals4your.com</a>
Who can bend like that? Who cares!
Took the lovin' too far
And just in case your heart hasn't melted yet, here's a picture of a baby hippo kissing its mama