10 Major Signs He's Really Crushing On You

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10 Major Signs Your Crush Likes You

Guys are pretty open books when it comes to their crushes. More often than not, guys who have a smaller crush on you will make their intentions known by showing you some major signs that they like you.

The only issue is that there is a pretty sizable chunk of men who get too intimidated to actually try to date you when they get a major crush.

When this happens, they tend to act funky and it can be hard to see the signs your crush likes you back. At times, hearing the signs he has big crush you can even sound like a schoolyard crush.

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If he's doing these ten things, he's probably got it bad for you.

1. The conversations you two have are filled with awkward pauses.

The reason those pauses exist is because he's really worried he'll say the wrong thing, so he'd rather not say anything at all.

2. All he ever talks about is you.

The funny thing about this is that it shows how often you're on his mind. It also doesn't matter if he's constantly trash-talking you or talking about how he loves your hair, either. If he really hated you, he wouldn't be talking about you 24/7.

3. You catch him staring at you when he thinks you're not looking.

Yeah, smooth move, right? It's a classic sign of attraction.

4. The only way you can fully describe his behavior around you is bizarre.

He mumbles. He yammers about inane crap. He comes up with weird facts that have nothing to do with anything you just said. He talked about braiding his pubic hair.

Yet, he's smooth as silk around everyone else. Acting like this is one of the signs he has big crush you​ and likes you so much that his social prowess just flew out the window.

5. You get the feeling he's trying to play it cool — and failing horribly.

Some guys really do like to play things cool because it gives him the feeling that he's in control. Unfortunately, this entire act tends to fall into pieces the moment that he notices that you aren't paying attention to him. If he's working so hard to make you look at him, it's safe to say he wants you.

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6. He somehow magically gets into everything you enjoy.

Every time you mention a thing you like, he finds a way to get into it. You like watching Steven Universe? Surprise! He just bought a new plushie in the shape of Centipeetle. If you notice he loves your stuff, it could be that he's trying to show you that you both have things in common.

7. The way he treats you differs from the way he treats everyone else.

When he's tough on others, he's nice on you. When he's nice on others, he's unusually tough on you. Unless he has a vendetta against you, it's probably because he's got a schoolyard crush.

8. He won't jump into bed with you.

A guy who is normally promiscuous but takes his time around a girl he's dating is a guy who sees her as a serious option. If he's working on taking it slow sexually, it's often because he wants to show he's serious.

9. He boasts and brags around you.

Among animals, males show their value by strutting their plumage. If he's preening or bragging about all he can offer you, it's a sign that he's trying to get your attention.

10. He's hinted at asking for your number.

He might just be too shy to be upfront about it.

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