How To Text Your Crush To Get (And Keep) His Attention

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How To Text Your Crush To Get (And Keep) His Attention

What happens when it's a Friday night and you've watched the same episode of The Office about twenty-something times?

You may scroll through your Instagram or Twitter timeline in hopes of finding content worthy enough to view. Or, you may pick up that book you brought two months ago and actually start reading it.

But for a lot of people, late nights mean getting into your feelings and figuring out a way to text your crush without making a total fool of yourself. Hey, it happens to the best of us!

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Texting your crush can be pretty daunting, especially if you have never exchanged a word to each other let alone a follow on social media. 

The art of texting itself is a hard skill to accomplish. Texting someone you're crushing on, though? That is the ultimate test of survival in this love-ridden world. 

It's easier to take the short route and start the conversation with a cheesy pick-up line that's been recycled way too many times.

But where is the authenticity in that? We can't let the basic structures of online society ruin a potential love interest! 

The primary goal of getting someone's attention is to be as true to who you are as possible. If this person is a well-known person in your community or online, it is possible that they receive multiple messages throughout the week. 

How to text your crush

Ask an interesting question.

The most basic form of getting to know someone is by asking them a question. When this person just so happens to be your crush, you should definitely take a leap out of your comfort zone and spark the conversation with a riveting question.

You might want to ask them something that is geared toward not only their personal interests but something you can also relate to. Do they listen to the same artists like you? Ask them if they've heard the latest album the group/singer released!

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Don't be predictable.

Hint: don't end every sentence with "lol, haha," etc.

What's so funny? This is what I used to think whenever I would text someone new; 'why are they laughing at the end of every sentence... weird.' 

I never understood the point in doing this, but it is not something that will capture someone's attention for long. You have a small window of opportunity to speak with someone you're into; don't ruin your chance by laughing at everything you say, please! 

Say something nice. 

Just because this might be your first encounter with someone doesn't mean you can't say something sweet.

If you're one of the lucky ones who was able to hold a conversation for more than a week, there is no harm in mentioning something that reminds you of this person. Don't be super creepy; give them enough to crack a smile, you might end up getting extra brownie points for this!

"I was walking around the neighborhood and saw a Golden Retriever! It made me think of you because of how much you love that breed."

Don't be afraid to double text.

It's official! You guys have been on your first date and things went extremely well. What more can you ask for at this point?

If you were the last person to text, and you see it's been a full week since you guys last connected, don't be afraid to text them and ask how their week is going.

This isn't you being "overbearing" or acting like a stalker. You are showing your interest in this person and it will show them just how much you're feeling their vibe. 

"Hey! Just checking in to see how your week is going? If you wanted to hang sometime again soon, I think you said something about owing me a drink? *insert Winky face emoji here*" 

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