10 Fall Memoirs That Will Make You Believe In Love Again

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10 Fall Memoirs that Prove True Love Exists

Love is the highest, purest and most exhilarating force of all human emotions. YourTango readers come to our site for the latest and greatest in relationship advice, especially when the heart is under emotional siege or confused about a lover-in-question.

Sometimes, the love that comes our way is not the love we expect or want; sometimes, it's not even what we need to feel fulfilled. Toxic love exists and that is the type of love we don't need — it's terrible, ugly, and can ruin even the strongest people. This type of love can destroy you (if you allow it), or make you stronger (if you power through it). 

But there is also a beautiful kind of love, a great love — true love.

It's the type of love that lifts you up when you're down and puts a smile on your face. It's the type of love that gives you all the strength and power you need, but at the same time, allows you to show weakness and vulnerability with no judgment. That's the type of love we should all strive for.

One of the simplest ways to remind yourself that true and mighty powerful love actually does exist, is by exploring the endless forms it comes in. From epic romance to the incredible devotion we have for family and furry companions, these 10 stunning memoirs will leave your heart lovestruck and overflowing with the feels all fall long.

Yes, we know that real life is different from fiction. But stories have to come from somewhere, and real life is often the inspiration for works of fiction. Yes, real life is not a romance novel, but it can be if you allow yourself to believe in love in the same way the authors and their characters do.

So go ahead and pick up one of these novels. Allow yourself to fall in love.

1. Body 2.0 by Krista Hammerbacher Haapala

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As Carrie Bradshaw so on-pointingly indentified, the most fabulous relationship in this world is the one you have with yourself. And trust us, Krista Haapala has the golden recipe for self-love.

This emotionally raw memoir captures the authentic the struggle between physical health and the mental strain of bravely choosing a preventative double mastectomy, redefining sexiness, and overcoming society's dangerously shallow dogmas of what it means to be beautiful. 

And it's Krista's beautiful relationship with her husband Brian that gives us all the feels. As he stands by his wife during her time of mastectomy, we can't help but feel inspired by Krista and Brian's true love for each other

($16.95, Amazon)

2. Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham

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If you are as moderately obsessed with Gilmore Girls as we are, this memoir will be the highlight of your fall — even more so than pumpkin spice lattes, we swear. Graham pours the hilarity and honesty of her life into every page of her upcoming memoir, a collection of essays which features plenty of golden moments — and romances — from Graham's confusing and sitcom-worthy dating years.

($16.66, Amazon)

3. Naked Mountain by Marcia Mabee

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Sometimes true love strikes on awkward Tinder dates, and other times an unforgettable romantic journey unfolds in the stunning mountain ranges of rural Virgina. This life-changing memoir will reenliven your understanding of what it means to exist vivaciously, passionately, and surrender your heart completely to the everchanging winds of love, health and life.

Fair warning: you'll need several tissue boxes and an ample amount of chocolate for this one. 

($13.66, Amazon)

4. The Magnolia Story by Joanna and Chip Gaines

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Attention all HGTV aficionados: this memoir has your décor-loving name on it. Joanna and Chip Gaines are the summit of relationship goals. Witnessing them exchanging loving and doting glances from our living rooms is enough to convince anyone that true love exists, so consider this memoir an overindulgence of adorableness and a literary documentary that soulmates are real (and sometimes they can fix just about anything).

($15.87, Amazon)

5. Hungry Heart by Jennifer Weiner

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Fierce feminist, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and possibly our future BFF Jennifer Weiner delivers a biographical punch with her dazzling debut memoir. Weiner takes a plunge into every awkward, dark and genuine corner of the female experience, and from her powerful career to being a devoted mother and wife, she details her courageous and laughter-filled turns down every one of love's roads.

($12.99, Amazon)

6. A Little Thing Called Life by Linda Thompson

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If you think you're a queen of attracting bad boys, bow down to the woman who loved three of the most complex men in modern pop culture history: Linda Thompson. The songwriting superstar breaks her silence on her epic (albeit confusing) love affairs with Elvis Presley, Bruce Jenner and David Foster.

This extraordinary spotlight on the drama surrounding high-profile romance will leave readers devouring Thompson's memoir until the very last word.

($16.65, Amazon)

7. Can I Let You Go? By Cathy Glass

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A small break from boy problems reminds us that true love comes in many forms, and the purest of that is certainly the love for a child. Faye is 24, scared and pregnant. Her learning disabilities add an extra layer of complexity to her child's future, one which social workers expect her to surrender to adoptive parents.

Then Faye opens up to Cathy Glass and reveals that she doesn't want to lose her child forever — suddenly, all three lives are forever entwined by one love.

($8.24, Amazon)

8. Dog Medicine by Julie Barton

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The only way to describe the emotional level this memoir penetrates in our hearts: we can't even handle it. Dogs are already the center of our existence, but this beyond stunning account on how one golden retriever heals the author's severe depression brings our animal love to the next level. Dog Medicine will leave you weeping and hugging your dog uncontrollably for the rest of your existence.

($27.97, Amazon)

9. Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

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Inspiring alert! This isn't your average love story. This brutally honest memoir details how some relationships and marriages must be completely destroyed before love's flames can be rekindled. Readers are left feeling brave and ready to devote themselves to true love that comes their way, no matter how painful and complex that journey may be.

($15.59, Amazon)

10. A Year Between Friends by Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes

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We'll resist another opportunity to reference Sex and the City. Just kiddng, we can't resist. As Carrie taught us, our best friends can be soulmates. No two woman socially celebrate that SATC lesson than the bloggers behind hit blog 3191 Miles Apart — a creative space dedicated to showcasing the creative lives they lead on opposite sides of the country.

This memoir detailing 365 days apart is a passionate love letter to friendship, the art of cherishing those we care about, and savoring the simple moments of life. We're on board with that.

($18.83, Amazon)