12 Dreamy Six-Word Love Stories To Remind You How EASY Love Can Be

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Brevity can be totally romantic.

Not all love stories have to be epic.

Sure, the best ones are epic in the depth and intensity of their emotions, but that doesn’t mean that they all have to be epic-SIZED. There’s something to be said about saying everything you need to say about love in the fewest words possible.

Maybe that’s why we love six-word love stories so much.

Because how can you not love something that sums up so much passion, truth, and tenderness in such an easy-to-digest package.

The concept of the six-word story isn’t exactly new. They were perhaps popularized by the famous tale about Ernest Hemingway, who, when asked to write a complete story in only six words, responded with “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” But, while the act compressing a whole story into so few words normally just feels like neat trick, it takes on a whole other level of depth when you’re talking about love.

Because love ultimately is about truth.

And we all find different paths to that truth. Some Russian novelists can write over 1,000 pages on love and make you feel like they’ve only scratched the surface. And some song-writers can compose a catchy refrain that seems to sum up EVERY little thing about love In the course of a three-minute ballad.

I think that’s why six-word love stories are so popular. (They have their own #hashtags, Tumblrs, and so many Pinterest boards devoted to them.)

They’re popular because it’s a fun challenge to see if you can capture all of those truths about love in such a confined space. It’s fun to see if you can paint a picture, using only six words, that will make everyone who’s ever been in love before nod their head and say, “Yes. That. Totally.”

With all that in mind, out of the thousands out there, here are 12 of our favorite six-word love stories.

Let’s just watch Netflix together forever.
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Two lovers. One parachute. No survivors.
Photo: StoryPick
I shaved my legs for you.
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Whatcha reading? Kama Sutra. Oh my...
Photo: Morrighan's Muse
Your weird matches my weird perfectly.
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Our perfect match burned out quickly.
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Us against the world, starting now.
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You were my lifeboat. I drowned.
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She fell in love. Game over.
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Why can’t I let you go?
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He brought me food, so duh.
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It was love at first sight.
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