How To Have Sex With A Man So He'll Never Leave You

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How To Have Sex With A Man So He Will Never Leave

Let's get one thing straight: there are lots of ways to have sex, and as long as they're consensual and everyone gets their cookie, no one way is better than another. Some people like to top; others like bottom. Some love girl-on-top and others prefer missionary. Some prefer it long and slow, and others like a quickie.

But regardless of his preferences, you can give your man mind-blowing sex if you're willing to get adventurous.

Start by making out.

Use plenty of gentle tongue; lick his lips and move away from his mouth periodically to kiss his neck or nuzzle his ears. Guys often don't get that kind of treatment, and they enjoy it.

After a while, move down his neck and pick up one of his hands.

One by one, suck on his fingers. Move them in and out of your mouth like a popsicle, using hard suction and your tongue on the tip. Then do the same thing to his other hand. This just makes him think of your mouth on his penis.

Begin making out with him again.

Move your hands all over. The best way to do this is to give him a mini-massage, concentrating on his biceps and his thighs. Start on the outside of his thighs, then move inward until you're rubbing his inner thigh.

Then move down to his calves; rub them for a while, and move up again.

Let your massage go from a kneading to a caress as you trail your hand over his pubic bone. Rub that gently. Then spit in your hand (don't use lube, unless it's flavored) and begin to give him a hand job.

The best way to give a hand job is to work his penis semi-tightly from one end to the other, being careful to find the sensitive spot on his head (it might be his circumcision scar or the bottom where his head meet the shaft) and stroke that periodically. Once you've found it and played with it a little, drop down to his crotch.

Take his pants off, and bring his penis into your mouth.

Deep-throat it immediately (i.e. take it all the way into your mouth and open your throat so his entire penis fits). Then continue a mixture of hand job and blow job. 

Use your mouth on his penis while you masturbate him with your hand.

Suck hard on the head of his penis while you move your hand up and down. Use your tongue to tickle that special spot while you play with him. As a bonus, cup his testicles and tug them lightly while you move his penis in and out of your mouth.

You don't want him to orgasm, so back off after a while. Take your clothes off (or, if you're wearing a skirt, just shed your underwear). If you're not lubricated naturally by now, use lube — then push him down on his back and slide him inside you.

Use your knees and thighs to pump him up and down inside you. And hopefully you've done your kegels! You should be able to clench his penis with your vagina while you move him in and out of you.

Vary it up. Lean down and let your nipples brush his chest; if he seems into watching, pinch your own nipples and stimulate your clit. Carefully, carefully, turn around into a reverse cowgirl position without taking him out of you. Use your arms and thighs to thrust onto him again and again. This gives him a different angle to enjoy.

You can feel free to make noise the whole time — guys get off on this — and maintain eye contact when you're not facing away from him.

Finally, when he's super-close, dismount and lay on your back. Pull him on top of you, slide him into your vagina, and tell him you want him to f*ck you hard. Men love to thrust, and this gives him control over his own orgasm.

Reach down and play with his testicles as he approaches climax and then slide two fingers behind his balls and press. There's an awesome bundle of nerves back there, and it will intensify his orgasm exponentially.

Hopefully you orgasm at the same time. This is the ultimate turn-on for him: if you orgasm just before, you'll stimulate him into climaxing; if you orgasm at the same time, you'll both enjoy the pleasure of it together. Assumedly, the entire time you're working on him, he's working on you.

But even if he's totally passive, the movement from handjob to blowjob to sex should have him super-excited. And once it comes to positioning, just make sure you vary it up and end with him thrusting, which leaves him in control of how and when he orgasms.

You can tweak this for the submissive, the dominant, the quickie. But the general rule remains the same: Handjob-blowjob-sex, with testicle-tugging and perineum-pressing. This is the kind of sex that will have him begging for more.