You Are Too Full Of Life To Settle For Half-Assed Love

Photo: WeHeartIt

One of the most important lessons you can learn in life is to be complete and happy on your own. No additional help required. 

When you can trust your instincts, find support within and make your happiness a priority, you become better equipped to only allow good, positive relationships into your life.

The love you give yourself is full and uninhibited, so you don't accept anything less from anyone else. 

Of course it's normal and easy to forget all your hard work and lose yourself in the process of finding love. You can forget your boundaries and let a guy in who doesn't love you the way you need to be loved. And when we get into these relationships, it can be hard to get out, despite the little voice in the back of our heads trying to remind us that this really isn't what we want. 


When you're not finding your happiness within, you start to believe the lies the world loves to tell you. We get convinced that what we have is what we deserve, and if we let go of this relationship, we're never going to get any better. 

A general rule of thumb is that if your gut is screaming for you to leave — no matter how soft that scream may be — then you should leave. 

You on your own are full of life, love, passion and chaos.

You deserve someone who's going to love every inch and every detail of who you are. 

Of course we're all people, and we come with flaws and scratches that might not be appealing to everyone. But the right person will love you regardless and grow to appreciate you for them.


So don't settle for half-assed love.

The kind that makes you live more in the potential of the future then the current state of now. The kind that leaves you doubtful and insecure. The kind that makes you question everything you love about yourself. 

Hold out for something real because that's really what you deserve.