11 Absolutely HILARIOUS PMS Stories Prove Womanhood Is TOUGH


NEVER underestimate the power of a pissed off woman.

Sometimes you know when it’s about to happen, and other times it just surprises you (Jaws theme song playing in the background).


Your boobs start to feel tender, you get headaches, mood swings, fatigue and food cravings. Sound familiar?

It’s PMS — or your body's way of telling you that your uterus is about to shed and bleed LITERALLY everywhere. UGH.

More than 3 million women suffer from it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. It’s downright cruel that you have to suffer before AND during your period.

Why can’t Mother Nature just send you a text saying, “Hey btw your period is going to start on the 16th.” Ain’t nobody got time for all that nastiness ahead of time.

Boys like to laugh and make fun of how emotional we get during “that time of the month,” (WARNING: DON'T DO THIS) ... but we really can’t help it. How could you not ball like a baby at the end of Marley and Me?!?! DOGS ARE MAN’S BEST FRIEND.

We’re just overfilling with hormones and emotions. If guys think it’s unpleasant for them, then they have NO idea what it’s like for us

The causes of PMS are unknown, but there are some things you can try to do and avoid so that it doesn’t ruin your life totally. But in the end, that still might not work for you.

My advice? Just embrace that time and use it as an excuse to be extra sassy to the people who piss you off and to eat all of that chocolate cake your grandma baked for your sister’s birthday.

If you’re a sufferer of PMS, then you’ll appreciate the funnier side to it with these hilarious Whisper confessions.

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America's Next Top Model is only the greatest show EVER.
Photo: Whisper

"One time, when I was really moody due to PMS, I almost mailed Tyra Banks a tear filled letter about how much I love her!" — Whisper Confession 

Everything goes better with chocolate.
Photo: Whisper

"PMS: Today I dipped a hot cheeto in chocolate frosting. No shame." — Whisper Confession

Having nothing cute to wear is a serious crisis.
Photo: Whisper

"I called in sick to work this morning because I was PMSing and was pissed off cause my outfits didn't look cute enough. I calmed down and now I am like 'WTF, me.'" — Whisper Confession

A fruits does NOT make a good boyfriend.
Photo: Whisper

"Just cried because my boyfriend said he was going to turn into a pumpkin. PMS."  — Whisper Confession

This is what most of my Saturday nights look like...
Photo: Whisper

"Literally just sat in the tub, ate Wendy's nuggets, and listened to the most depressing songs ever. PMS is weird." — Whisper Confession

Kitchen appliances will always be there for you.
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"I was PMS-ing so bad once that my microwave told me to enjoy my meal and I burst into tears cuz I thought it was the only one that cared about me." — Whisper Confession 

I bet he'll never forget you.
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"Laughed so much at nothing I vomited into my hands then looked at my boyfriend at the time and said I'm sorry and started crying hysterically." — Whisper Confession 

We've ALL been there.
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"In 7th grade, I raised my hand and asked if I could murder someone." — Whisper Confession 

Boys have NO idea what it's like.
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"I presented a period PowerPoint for my boyfriend and some of his frat brothers to explain to them why 'shake it off' is not the correct response to 'I have cramps.'" — Whisper Confession

RIP quesadilla.
Photo: Whisper

"I was making a quesadilla and I tried to flip the tortilla and I dumped the ingredients all over the stove. I screamed and threw the spatula across the kitchen." — Whisper Confession

There's no shame in eating a whole bag of Doritos either.
Photo: Whisper

"I got in an argument with my BF, grabbed a bag of chips and bolted out the front door. He found me crying in the stairwell with chips on my face. I told him there's no judgment in the stairwell." — Whisper Confession