10 Things Bill Said About Hillary That'll Warm Your Cold Dead Heart

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Who wouldn't DIE to have her man stand in front of a huge audience and say these things about her?

2016 just became the year that the American people officially nominated a woman to run for President of the United States of America. While this is an exciting time for us all, we imagine that no one is more proud of Hillary Clinton than her own husband Bill, who has stood by her and supported her through this entire campaign trail.

He’s been tirelessly working to help get his wife elected in a very similar mirror of the events that took place before his own presidency in 1992, nearly 25 years prior.

Of the many times that Bill has spoken of his wife, it has always been with love and admiration. He has affectionately told the tale of their meeting as young adults, and the three tries (and a house!) it took for Hillary to finally agree to marry him. They have had very storied lives and adventures together, and even in difficult times, they have always been bastions of support for each other, in a way that any couple should strive to achieve.  

Former President Bill Clinton wanted people to believe him when he said that he didn’t think there was anyone more qualified for the role; and after being his first lady for eight years, we certainly know she’s aware of the finite details of the job!

Bill has firmly embraced his future position as the “First Gentleman” and a return to the Whitehouse to fully support his wife should she get elected to the presidency. Hillary may be a presidential candidate, but it seems that Bill hasn’t forgotten that she is first and foremost his wife, his partner, and his rock.

Some of the things that he has said about her over the years are so touching that we couldn’t help but gather a few of our favorites to share. Whether through thick or thin, still or choppy waters, Bill’s adoration for his wife and his continual fight to help her (as she helped him!) are simply exemplary.

Here are 10 of the sweetest, most amazing love quotes that Bill Clinton has said about his wife Hillary. 

He believes in his first lady (and wants her to be president!).
He knows how hard she works to accomplish her goals.
Earnest words for earnest actions.
Undeniably cute!
He knows how much she wants to affect change!
Very high praise, indeed!
Hand in hand, they're doing it together.
He loves that she is a woman who wants to make things better.
How he feels about her levels of dedication: