15 Love Poems By Zachery Meier Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

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There’s no denying that poetry is the most romantic form of expression there is. It’s heartfelt, mysterious and honestly, a TOTAL panty dropper.

What’s the only thing more swoon-worthy than a guy who reads you a good poem? A guy who writes it.

Enter Zachery Meier, the blue-eyed, blonde-haired, INCREDIBLY talented writer who eloquently bares his soul on Instagram. His tear-jerking pieces put words to the feelings we all deal with daily. Covering everything from lust to infatuation to heartache to deep self-examination, Zachery’s poems are so relatable you’ll swear he’s in your head.

Zachery’s writing is one of Instagram’s best-kept secrets. But what kind of jerks would we be to keep him all to ourselves?

Take some time to learn more about Zachery, check out our gallery of his most moving pieces and most importantly, follow him on Instagram to ensure you never miss a word.

YourTango: What first inspired you to start writing?

Zach Meier: Essentially, I started writing as soon as I learned how to write. I wrote poems and random creative pieces through elementary school but it discontinued in my mid-teen years. After enrolling in university, I discovered literature, philosophy, philology and etymology—all of which derive their substance, their “active ingredient” from words and the art of language. I began writing again at about 20 years old and have since been unable to happily ever stop; I’m always writing, I’m just not always writing it down.

YT: You're able to fit a ton of emotion into shorter and sometimes even simple, one-line pieces. Are they often a part of something bigger/how do you come up with them?

ZM: Most of my pieces on Instagram are from much longer works; they are often the apex of a much more elaborate and elongated crescendo or the lowest pit of a thorough diminuendo. The Instagram pieces are often epigrammatic and aporetic—for the social forum, they are designed to enthrall and perplex whilst often maintaining a beginning, middle, and end. It’s fun to post on Instagram because they are often the more “dramatic” and sometimes pretentiously pretty lines of which people enjoy finding meaning in without having to read an entire novel or essay on the dynamics of love or whatever it may be.

YT: Can you speak more about the photos you've captioned 'novel?'

ZM: The excerpts that have beneath them the caption ‘novel’ are from the novel I am writing. I have been actively dedicated to it for about a year now and have learned how much research and reading must go into it before anything is written. I most enjoy posting these because it is what I enjoy writing the most. I have deviated from standard “poetry” and feel much more of an affinity toward prose, poetic prose, and the unidentifiable art of ‘novel language’.

YT: Do you have a favorite piece?
ZM: This is difficult because I’ve posted so many different genres of writing. But, my favorite is an excerpt from my novel: “Daffodillia, Daffodillia…annihilate of complete me but do not leave me, here, between splendor and gloom, stitching myself together with the mere yarn of my wishes of you—half-built, partly crumbling.” I choose this one because it illuminates that strange space we often find ourselves, between places, between people, between feelings—not knowing exactly where or what we are anymore and we don’t even know how to begin making sense of this nothingness and nowhere-ness that and where we are. This is essentially why I write, to expose that often excruciatingly unidentifiable feeling, moment, experience—to expose the ghosts within language that creates meaning in our lives so we may be closer to the heart of living: truth.

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Hell is lovers not speaking!
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"I will, with silence, drag you through this delicious misery, wait for your scream so I may crown my ears and worship the God between us until we see that heaven is without us. Hell is lovers not speaking." — Zachery Meier

They say love can drive one crazy.
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"She lived for random declarations and she'd go crazy out of bland curiosity for what it was like to love something so dangerously." — Zachery Meier

When you're one...
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"I am hers. She is mine." — Zachery Meier

When you're someone's perfection.
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"If she were to die no one would bury her. Angels cannot be buried — she belongs to the sky." — Zachery Meier

When you're stuck in your own head.
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"Writing is the result of all the people inside me trying to escape." — Zachery Meier

You can't always have it both ways...
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"She wanted to save the world but she wanted to leave the world and she was constantly trying to satisfy both desires at the same time." — Zachery Meier

When you want it all gone!
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"One more, please. I'm trying to forget myself." — Zachery Meier

When you have to let go of who you are.
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"The candle's existence is intrinsically tragic; to exist it must melt its only home, the only place it can endure as itself." — Zachery Meier

When you give someone everything you've got.
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"She flickered, bloomed; she handed me her heart and said please don't lose me." — Zachery Meier

You know you've got each other.
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"Something about her says me, something about me says her. We declare each other without speaking a word." — Zachery Meier

and sometimes love can ruin it all...
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"We could dance. And run. We could prove them all wrong and love each other ruthlessly until love breaks our bones." — Zachery Meier

When you're complicated and it's okay!
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"I am part numbers, part art. I add up, but make no sense." — Zachery Meier

You decide YOUR emotions.
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"Yes. I am sad. And happy. And each moment I get to choose." — Zachery Meier

When you would literally die for someone...
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"I will die without you, so it makes no difference if I am killed trying." — Zachery Meier

Love will always win.
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"Love casts a great light. Heartbreak is its shadow." — Zachery Meier