The 14 Best Tattoos For Badass Couples Who’ll Be Together FOREVER

They’ll make you want to get fresh ink with a friend.

couples tattoo Instagram Instagram / @rossbeasley1

Getting a couples tattoo is a big step.

And do you know what the best strategy is when it comes to taking a scary new big step?


This is why I love Instagram. It’s such a perfect visual catalog for everything you could ever want to do, particularly when it comes to tattoos. Because it has collections of some amazingly cool AND amazingly badass tattoo pictures, which is great, because it lets you see what you’re in for before you fully commit.


And that’s important to know before you commit to the most dangerous of all tattoos — the couples tattoo.

Couples tattoos can take many forms. They can be romantic. They can mirror or match each other. They can be something you do to bond with your best friend. But, regardless of their origins, they always come with MUCH higher stakes than a normal tattoo.


Because not only are couples tattoos packed with commentary about your relationship, but they also have to work TOGETHER as well as separately.

So, for example, if you and your partner each get one half of a heart tattooed on your arm, there are some questions you need to ask yourself. Like, does having a tattoo of “one bulbous half of a heart” look lame when you’re alone? Or how many opportunities are you really going to have to put your Wonder Twin tattoos together and make everyone say “Aww”? Is the effort worth what you’re getting in return?


Also, you don’t want to get the EXACT same couples tattoos that everyone else is getting.

The half-a-heart, the initials, the arrow and bow. If you’re going to take the plunge, get a couples tattoo that you're going to fall in love with over and over again as the years go on. And you also kind of want it to be cool as hell.

If you want to see some truly superior examples of the form, here are 14 of the most original, completely BADASS couples tattoos that we could find on Instagram. If you and your tattoo buddy really want to share some ink, just make sure that they're as hardcore as these are.

I Voodoo You Too

couples tattoos Instagram Instagram / @susiehumphrey

This is just the most adorable, kick-ass tattoo ever. We should all hope to one day find a person who lovingly wants to have a voodoo doll in our likeness tattooed on their skin.


After Death, Things Get Interesting

couples tattoos instagram Instagram / @rossbeasley1

These tats scream bad-ass commitment, particularly if they plan to spend an eternity’s worth of Day of the Deads together.


Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

couples tattoos Instagram Instagram / @bervej

This is adorable.


Talk About A Deep Commitment

couples tattoos Instagram Instagram / @dkniveton9

A couples tattoo sealed with a pinky promise? That is TRUE LOVE.

The King and Queen Have A Message for You

couples tattoos Instagram Instagram / @banksy_xoxo

In a relationship, you have to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to flip ‘em off, know when to stay in a committed relationship forever…


For The Hardcore Harry Potter Fans

couples tattoos Instagram Instagram / @_glitterpoops

Snape + Lily 4 EVA.

Can’t Beat a Classic

couples tattoos Instagram Instagram / @stephlove87

Yes, there’s a cheese-factor to this one, but it’s also such an iconic couples tattoos design that you HAVE to appreciate it on some level. It looks like a classic rock band logo in the best way possible.


If A X-Wing And TIE Fighter Can Make It Work

couples tattoos Instagram Instagram / @kacieslack

There are some lame Star Wars tattoos out there, but this one is a triumph of bad-ass design, class, and concept. (And geekiness.)

If It’s Good Enough For The Bible…

couples tattoos Instagram Instagram / @mandaspandemonium

Religious tattoos can be complicated, but this quote from Song of Solomon exhibits The-Notebook-levels of unbridled, take-no-prisoners commitment.


Those Are Some Damn Fine Tattoos

couples tattoos Instagram Instagram / @picklesgee

It’s awesome when couples geek out together, like in this coffee and pie tattoo inspired by David Lynch’s cult classic Twin Peaks.

Flying High On Love

couples tattoos Instagram Instagram / @tattootjerk

Not only are these little Banksy people super-cool, but they also remind me of Pixar’s Up, a.k.a. the most romantic movie ever.


They’ll Eat Your Brains, But Not Your Heart

 couples tattoos Instagram Instagram / @travis_wasko

Perfect if you’re in love with a Walking Dead/Taylor Swift fan.


Only A True Soulmate Would Get Such A WTF Tattoo With You

couples tattoos Instagram Instagram / @pooklet

What? Just… what? I’m all for romance, but I LOVE that people are getting tattoos together that are this freakin’ weird.


Normally, You Shouldn’t Call Your Partner An Anchor

couples tattoos Instagram Instagram / @amandaadyjak

But these are a cool twist on the traditional sailor tattoos. Surprisingly tough and romantic.