5 Signs You've DEFINITELY Encountered Someone From Your Soul Group

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Signs You've Encountered Someone From Your Soul Group


When you die, your soul shatters like a vase thrown against the wall. It sounds like a rather tumultuous thing to have to go through, but it's actually quite wonderful.

Souls are being shattered all the time, but they're then swept back up and made into a new soul. Sometimes pieces of your old soul find their way into someone else's new soul. Sometimes their pieces get added to your soul. And this is how a soul family is made.

A soul family is a group of people who have pieces of each other's souls. It's similar to soulmates, but considerably more familial than romantic.

How do you know you've met someone from your soul family?

1. They build you up.


Your soul family builds you up. When you want to change, they have your back. When you have a big idea, they help you see it through. Your soul family is always going to be there for you.

2. But they still call you on your sh*t.

If you're screwing up, they'll tell you. Don't you worry about that.

3. You work well together.


Soul family members jive better than most. They work together really easily. You seem to be on the same wavelength and get things done effectively.

4. You are patient and compassionate together.

With people outside of your soul family, you may feel ambivalent. You may not really care or feel much compassion for them. But those in your soul group you make time for. You have all day for them. You feel passionately for them.

5. You think globally together.


Your soul family are people you stay up until 4 AM talking about big ideas with. All your ideas to start a business or save the world or explore space. You think big thoughts together.

This article was originally published at Higher Perspective. Reprinted with permission from the author.