The #1 Thing Smart Women Do Before EVER Falling For A Man

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As a woman who's been around the block a time or two, I'm well aware of the fears that come with falling in love. 

While movies/society/our dim-witted girlfriends love to paint it as this magic fairy tale romance that will leave you giddy like a school girl, the reality of new relationships look more like nervous laughter and uncontrollable sweating. 

Being in love can make a smart woman very stupid.

And though it's intoxicating, I think it's very far from fun. It's more like being on a free-fall rollercoaster that just never ends. 


The most important lesson we can teach ourselves is to guard our hearts. Falling in love is kind of like getting your wisdom teeth taken out, you need to make sure you're ready and that you've found the right doctor. 

I know even with careful planning, fate and universe can come in at any moment and just eff up all your plans to stay single and find yourself. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't take some precautions, i.e. being super careful who you fall in love with. 

Love takes time and energy, and you can get so wrapped up in all the romance that everything else in your life stops mattering. You need to make sure that whoever is taking up that much space is worth falling behind. 


That's why smart women make sure to vet the guys they're dating. They ask tough questions, interview their friends, look into their backgrounds with sites like Undolus, and do everything they can to make sure this guy isn't playing them. 

People tell you to throw caution to wind and just follow you heart.

But what if your heart can't tell left from right and you end up with a gas station attendant you met when you were drunk last Tuesday? 

I say be careful when it comes to love and don't let just anyone into your heart.

Get to know someone. Try out a site like Undolus. Do your homework. Make sure they're deserving of your time. 

Because the best way to battle the love-crazies is with a healthy dose of reality. 

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This article was created in partnership with Undolus.