People Who Send D*ck Pics & Nudes Are Majorly Insecure, Says Study

Photo: WeHeartIt

If you're thinking about sending bae an "accidental" nip slip or penis pic, you might want to consider a few things.

Like are you doing it because you feel sexy and you love the person? Or has he or she been distant lately and you think the only thing that's gonna reel them back in is your boob or penis? 

A recent study found that people who were the most anxious about their relationship were also the most likely to sext, including explicit texts and nude photos. 


The reason behind this mad-dash to lingerie and good lighting is that feeling anxious about a relationship can seriously mess with our decision-making skills. 

“A couple’s sexual connection can be perceived the most powerful and validating part of the relationship,” Manhattan-based licensed clinical psychologist Joseph Cilona, Psy.D., explains. “So anxiety might fuel attempts to ease insecurities about the relationship by using sexually charged communication.”


While the issue of strongly needing to feel validated through sexting is definitely something that needs to be addressed, wanting a little reassurance from your boo isn't the worst thing in the world, according to sexologist (uh where can I apply THAT job?) Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D.

"The desire to be wanted and receive attention is universal, but we tend to criticize others for doing so," she says. "We all do it in our own way—sexting is just one way that seems to receive negative attention."

So if you're thinking about sending a sexy lil nude, make sure you consider the reason behind it first.

If you're doing it because you think it's hot AF and you love dirty talking to your bae, then go for it. NUDE IT UP. 

But you're feeling like the relationship is on the rocks or that you need to constantly remind him or her how sexy you are, then maybe pump the brakes and address the real issue before you press send.