Crochet Penises Are A THING Because This World Is So Weird

Photo: Etsy

What's soft, squishy, and makes an awesome gag gift (no pun intended)? 

It appears that you can make plush dolls of anything and everything these days — microbes, roadkill, STDs, and even strange hyrbids of random animals (like this Octopussy). But that's what makes finding these items so much funnier and much more amusing.

You can't help but wonder what was going on through the creator's mind when they thought plush dolls of STDs would be a big hit, but here we are. What's even cooler is that the dolls are handmade by a few select talented people in the internet.

Bride-to-bes planning their Bachelorette parties will have a field day with these unique party favors: crocheted penis plush dolls from Etsy.

Handmade and sold by two sellers, AbsolutMartin and Magscrochetgoodies (who is, sadly, taking a short break at the moment), these penis plush dolls are the perfect party favors for Bachelorettes or gag gift for the bride. Heck, you can even gift it to someone you know who's obsessed by this particular appendage.

AbsolutMartin's items are about 20 centimeters long (approximately seven inches) and are made from wool and polyester. You can even add a key ring if you want to show it off (because who doesn't want to show off a seven-inch penis hanging off their backpack?)

Meanwhile, seller Magscrotchedgoodies makes their penis plush dolls a little bigger at 14 inches and in a variety of colors specified by the buyer. You can also get a matching boob pillow. This seller has more than just penis plushies in their store.

For cat lovers, Magscrotchedgoodies also crochets cat butt coasters. 

Photos: Etsy

As far as Bachelorette party goodies and gag gifts go, these plush dolls join the ranks of penis piñatas, gummy penises, and penis lipsticks.

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