Korea Has Invented Ice Cream That Cures Hangovers

alcohol hangover ice cream

If Japan has bizarre ice cream flavors like jellyfish, miso ramen, and shark fin (they really love their seafood-flavored frozen treats), then South Korea has a different stance when it comes to everyone's favorite dessert: ice cream. 

South Korea is named by the World Health Organization as Asia's biggest alcohol consumer. They actually consume twice more alcohol than Russia! According to Al Jazeera, "Drinking is treated as the social lubricant to build workplace camaraderie, secure business deals and to earn trust." 

It's such a norm that Snoop Dogg and South Korean singer Psy collaborated on a song called "Hangover." Thus, it only makes sense for them to have a go-to cure for the definite hangover they would have in the morning.

Enter the Gyeondo-bar, translated as "hang in there," because it "expresses the hardships of employees who have to suffer a working day after heavy drinking, as well as to provide comfort to those who have to come to work early after frequent nights of drinking."

It was invented and sold by WithmeFS, a convenience store chain in South Korea, and is the first ice cream to treat hangovers. The hangover cure industry itself is a fairly successful industry in the region, is about 150 billion won, or 126 million dollars.

The Gyeondo-bar is a "grapefruit-flavored ice cream bar with a small amount of oriental raisin tree fruit juice," according to Vice. The raisin juice has actually been used by Koreans as a hangover remedy since the 1600s, and this was later on backed up by a 2012 scientific study, where its extract was proven to reduce intoxication in rats. 

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Photo: Mashable 

Wish you could get your hands on these for Thirsty Thursdays? Sadly, it's only available in South Korea... for now. But, who knows? If it really works like a charm, then maybe they'll consider going global.