20 Best Bachelorette Party Games Of All Time

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best bachelorette party games

Bachlorette parties can sometimes get pretty wild, and in between all that club hopping and cocktail enjoying, the bridal party and bride's friends will need ice breakers needed to get things going.

One way to get the party started is with fun bachelorette party games to make everyone laugh and loosen up. Of course, not all games are fun — some are just silly! So, here are some games that promise to get things moving. (Also, drinking helps.)

1. Bachelorette Dare Card Party Game

Hand out and scratch off to reveal each dare. Guests can opt out by buying the bride to be a drink.

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2. Girls Night Out 40 Naughty & Hilarious 'Drink If' Cards

You’ll be hard pressed to find another drinking game that covers such a wide spread of subjects. No one is safe from this card game.

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3. South Island Bachelorette Party Games Kit

Take the night to a whole new level of fun and exciting with this 3-piece game set. Included: 1 inflatable banana ring toss game, 20 "drink if" cards, and 52 dare cards.

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4. Norme Inflatable Banana Ring Toss

The inflatable banana ring toss game kit enables you to have fun and unforgettable moments with your friends. You can play them as a ring toss game, or try to use your imagination to have fun with them.

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5. These Cards Will Get You Drunk Drinking Game

The fun adult drinking card game that will have you and your friends LOL-ing, the bride's guests will compete, vote and screw friends over with 100 dynamic cards. No two games are the same.

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6. Hot Seat Card Game: The Party Game About Your Friends

Discover who knows you best. All players answer pretending to be you when you're in the Hot Seat!

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7. Drinking Game Dare Cards

Included: 35 dare cards, 5 blank cards to write your own rules, and 40 scratch off stickers. Your guests will have tons of fun scratching their cards to reveal dares.

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8. Bride’n’Selfies 

Post funny pictures or videos of you and your friends on social media, and your selfies will be a hit. All while you'll be left with dozens of wonderful memories. Make up your own rules and keep the cameras ready.

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9. Adults-Only Memory Matching Game

An adult spin on the classic game of memory. Each of the 48 tiles features a beautifully illustrated "members" with a cheeky nickname, and each one plays like a classic matching game. 

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10. That's What She Said: The Party Game of Twisted Innuendos

This is sure to give a party an edge and keep things hilarious. Think of it as a naughty twist to Cards Against Humanity.

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11. Cads About Matrimony Poly Pack

Based on the same basic matching concept of hit party games Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, the game is simple to play. One player reads a question card out loud. The other players each submit an answer card. The best answer wins. 

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12. Drawing Without Dignity Adult Party Game

This uncensored Pictionary-style adult party game pits you and your disturbed friends against each other in a race to draw and guess unconventional clues. With 670 NSFW things to draw, it's more than most deplorably bad people can handle.

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13. Would You Rather? Dirty Edition

You'll have tons of fun selecting from over 100 questions and the two wild scenarios presented on each page. Play as a game or simply pass around the book and ask questions for fun.

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14. He Said She Said, Find The Guest Quest

Perfect for a party, included is 4 Pink and Black Bridal Shower Games, including He Said She Said, Guest Quest, What's In Your Phone, and Would She Rather?

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15. Talking Tables Prose-Pong Drinking Game

Who needs beer pong when you have prosecco? This kit is all you need to get the party started... with a touch of class. The set contains 12 wide neck plastic recyclable champagne saucers and 3 ping pong balls.

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16. Drunk Confidence Game 

Drunk Confidence is the perfect adult party drinking game for game night and house party success. The 250 cards include a mix of challenges that will let you see how smart and talented your friends really are. Can't beat the challenge? Then start drinking!

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17. Who Has the Groom? Scratch Off Cards

You will receive 46 celebrity cards, 2 blank for the "true" groom and 48 gold scratch off stickers. Your guests will have tons of fun scratching their cards to reveal hot, cute, rich and ugly celebrity men.

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18. Bachelorette Bash (Adult Mad Libs)

It’s every kid’s favorite party game: Mad Libs! But made very adult. Get ready for the embarassed laughter.

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19. Bar Scavenger Hunt

Challenge the bride tribe to check off all items on this wild list such as "Give your phone number to a guy," "Photobomb a picture," "Ask someone to marry you," and "Dance on the bar."

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20. Quick And Dirty: An Offensively Fun Party Game 

This works brilliant as a drinking game to break the ice and start the night. With easy to follow instructions (in the event you’ve already started drinking), you'll have a blast.

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