Party Too Hard? 6 Ways To Cure That (Inevitable) Hangover

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how to cure a hangover

Whether you're out on a spicy date or celebrating the holidays, starting the year off with epic plans and people has its perks. There's nothing better than spending the night dancing with your love and laughing too hard.

But once the ball drops and the clock strikes twelve, the fact that you managed to snag that midnight kiss isn't going to be the only thing on your mind (no matter how cute your date is). The day after the party is when things get real and you find yourself struggling with how to cure a hangover.

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In hindsight, nursing a killer hangover always makes you remember why those drinking games weren't such a good idea after all. But if you play your cards right, that walk of shame (or slow crawl, depending on just how much fun you had) from your bed to your medicine cabinet is about to get a lot easier. 

While Pedialyte probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of how to cure a hangover and get rid of your mega-headache, it sure does sound a little more appealing than some other options that we've run into. Does the bird poop trick ring a bell to anyone?

Here are a few other remedies we have have tried and swear by:

1. Coconut water

Not only is this hangover cure natural and healthy, it's also super tasty.

2. Bacon cheeseburger

Burgers are one of the go-to foods that cure hangover pains. This can also apply to greasy foods in general.

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3. Hitting the gym

It may not seem like it but staying active will boost your endorphins and help your body get over that hazy feeling faster. Work off that hangover spell by working out.

4. Hot chocolate

What could be better than sipping delectable hot cocoa while being surrounded by nice and cozy blankets?

5. Plain bagel and water

It makes sense that eating something dry will help your body absorb the alcohol quicker; drinking water will also help keep you hydrated in case things take a queasy turn.

6. Fried avocado or peanuts

Let's just say that this is hands down the most delicious remedy of them all.

Whatever your pick, these present the perfect opportunity to make your night one that you can remember without all of the regret.

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