Powdered Alcohol Is Now A Legal Thing In America So WATCH OUT

Photo: weheartit
Powdered Alcohol Is Now A Thing

Liquid courage has been replaced by powdered courage.

Tired of lugging around six-packs and bottles to and from in order to have a good time? Well, so was Palcohol's creator, Mark Philips. To fix this very common problem he created Palcohol, a type of powdered alcohol. Of course, like most new drugs it had to go through the proper process before it can be legally sold but great news for those of you who like their booze in powder version: it was just legalized! 

The powered version of alcohol has just been approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, according to the Associate Press. You will be able to find Palcohol at locations where alcohol would normally be sold and (obviously) only available to people of the legal drinking age.

To consume Palcohol, you just have to add water and then enjoy! There is now four types of Palcohol including powdered cosmopolitan, "Powderita" their margarita option, vodka, and rum. There is also a lemon-drop flavor in the works. 

We can only wonder what this will mean for our culture and alcohol. Will the people who still prefer six-packs be considered as "old-fashioned"? Will this mean it will be harder to catch underage drinkers? Only time will tell!