10 Refreshingly Delicious Wine Slushie Recipes To Cool You Down This Summer

Stay cool this summer with some delicious wine slushies

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Your memories of drinking ice cold slushies on a hot summer day don't have to be a thing of a past. It turns out that slushies have grown up right along with us — in wine form. Think frozen drinks on the beach meets relaxing in your backyard. 

There have been tons of these wine slushies popping up on Pinterest and Instagram, and even Disney got in on the fun. The best part about these is that they're super easy to make! Most only have three or four ingredients, so whipping them up before a brunch or BBQ won't drive you crazy.


You can even put everything you need into the blender beforehand so that when the time comes, all you have to do is push a button. 

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If you don't have a traditional blender, you can use a Nutribullet, and if you don't have either, you can get some premade slushies and add fresh fruit to them for a little homemade touch.


It's the perfect drink you can prep for a party and won't be a hassle if you need to make more. You can even turn it into a BYOB party, so each guest has a flavor they're sure to love. Whether you're a fan of white or red, there's a wine slushie recipe you'll like out there. 

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1) Tropical Moscato Wine Slushie


These yummy slushies only have four ingredients and are sure to impress your guests. The pineapple and mango will make them feel like they're in a tropical paradise.

2) Sangria Slushie

Honestly, who doesn't love a good sangria? This is probably the easiest recipe on this list since you can make everything the night before and then just throw it in the blender on the day of. 


3) Cherry Vanilla Wine Slushie

For this one, think cherry coke slushie meets adult fun. This one is sweet enough to be dessert, but can also be a great literally any time of the day. 

4) Blackberry Wine Slushie


This one is a little bit tart but not overwhelmingly. The orange juice definitely adds some sweetness and mellows out the red wine. 

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5) Peach and Blueberry Wine Slushie

These screamed brunch to me, but are so sweet they could be the perfect pair to some ribs or burgers. The recipe also gives you some freedom with which wine to choose. 


6) Mixed Berry Prosecco Slushie 

Nothing says summer like berries. A sweet slushie like this one while sitting in the backyard is the perfect summer day. 

7) Pineapple White Wine Slushie


Pineapple is the fruit of summer, you can fight me about that. This slushie is super light and clean.

8) Watermelon Moscato Slushie

Second to pineapple, watermelon is the other fruit of the summer. While it sounds like it's going to be super sweet, it's actually really good.

9) Strawberry Peach Slushie


This is another one that can double for brunch. It's super refreshing and sure to be a hit. 

10) Raspberry Lemonade Slushie

Lemonade and BBQs are a match made in heaven. The raspberry adds some sweetness while the lemonade balances it out.

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