4 Reasons 'Star Wars' Fans Make The Absolute Best Lovers

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May the 4th Be with You! Star Wars Fans Make Better Lovers

May the fourth be with you in bed ... ALWAYS.

In honor of May the 4th, I thought it was time to share what all of my fellow Star Wars junkies out there have been dying right along with me to shout from rooftops across the galaxies that yes, what you have heard is indeed the plain, cold truth:

We — the kinky Star Wars fanatics — are the world's greatest (kinkiest!) lovers. Hands down. Lightsabers on the floor. Siths, Jedis and Rebels alike ... The. Best. Ever.


In case you cynics still doubt our sexy-time skills after that clear-as-a-droid explanation, here are 4 reasons why and may the fourth be with you in bed ... always:

1. We've got the bad boy/tough chick genre locked up tight.

There is no perfectly matched mismatch like Han Solo and Princess Leia anywhere else in space or beyond. You KNOW their time off-screen was smokin'! 

2. We practically invented cosplay.

Has there been a Comic-Con in the history of ever without multiple women dressed as Slave Leia?

3. BDSM is coursing through our DNA.

I dare you to think of "breath play" without at least a fleeting thought of Darth Vader flashing through your mind.

4. We make zero judgments.

Not only are we equally welcoming to people of any and all gender identifications, but we couldn't care less if you are blue, purple, green, horned, bumpy or whatnot. If you're cool with us (and are most certainly NOT a Trekkie), we are totally cool with you.

And what's sexier than open-mindedness and acceptance??

Mic. Dropped.

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