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Woman Reacts After Brother Decides To Bring His Pregnant Mistress To Thanksgiving Dinner

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Thanksgiving dinner

Holiday gatherings can be challenging for some, as family drama may threaten the peace.

One Canadian family resonates with this fact, especially this Thanksgiving

A woman revealed that her brother is bringing his pregnant mistress to Thanksgiving dinner this year. 

The woman shared her story on the subreddit thread, "r/TrueOffMyChest," an online space designed for people to share personal and intimate stories they do not wish to share with those close to them. 

She stated that since she and her family are from Canada, they would celebrate Thanksgiving on Monday, October 10. 

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However, she is considering ditching the family gathering and volunteering to work instead.

She claims her reason is the fact that her brother and his pregnant mistress would be attending. 

“My brother had an affair which caused my sister-in-law to move out of the house and leave him,” the woman shared. “His mistress has already moved in because she is pregnant.” 

The woman revealed that her parents are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at their home this year, and they invited the woman’s brother and his mistress. 

She added that her brother’s mistress is half his age and only one year older than his daughter.

“My brother is 46, my niece/ his daughter is 24 and the mistress is 23.”

Other family members already backed out of the Thanksgiving dinner. 

The woman revealed that her niece would not be attending the dinner this year given the current nature of the family and to avoid interacting with her father’s mistress

The woman is also considering backing away from the event.

“I'm seriously considering volunteering to work because it's going to be so awkward and uncomfortable,” she wrote. 

Many Redditors sympathized with the woman over her current predicament. 

“I literally gasped out loud, the way that people treat their SO's [significant others] makes me feel sick :/ I'm so sorry that happened to you,” one user wrote.

“The audacity of men in INSANE,” another user added. 

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Others offered their suggestions for the woman on how she should spend Thanksgiving instead of attending the dinner.

“Just stay home in protest and when they ask tell them,” one user commented.

“Honey, don't volunteer to work. Take your niece out or make dinner and the two of you have your own Thanksgiving without the trash,” another user suggested. 

The woman responded that if she would up bailing on the dinner, she would volunteer to go to work so that another employee could spend the holiday with their family. 

She added that her niece already picked up a shift at her job on Thanksgiving when she heard her father’s mistress was invited. 

Whether or not the woman decides to show up to Thanksgiving, it is clear that the actions of her brother have forever altered their family gatherings moving forward. 

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