14 Rock-Her-Freaking-World Sex Positions For Small Penises

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sex positions for small penises

Because it's not ALL about size.

Do men with small penises legitimately not perform well? Is bigger really better?

Ahhh, the stereotypes behind men with small penises — they’re ALL lies.

Hear that? BIG, FAT LIES.

Having sex with a big penis can be terrible. At minimum it can be uncomfortable, and at the worst, it’s just impossible!

Guys with small penises can actually rock your world and give you the the time of your life! (Motion of the ocean, people!)

The two of you just need to know (and he may already!) which sex positions work best. Nevertheless, we’re here to help!

Here are 14 of the best sex positions for small penises:

Modified doggystyle

This position not only allows for deep penetration but gives you the ability to rub her clit at the same time!

Swivel and Grind

Forget the old in and out motion! Try using the grinding motion. It will give her just as great of a time especially with the stimulation on her clitoris!


Cowgirl is great for anyone with a small penis because it allows the woman to control how deep she wants to penetrated.

Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is always a fun one! Once again, this allows the woman to control how deep the penetration is, but in a more exciting way! (And the guy usually enjoys the view.)

The Nirvana

The nirvana is similar to missionary, except that the female has her legs tightly closed. And if you haven’t noticed, most of these positions call for deep penetration. This position is as deep as it gets! They weren’t kidding when they named this the nirvana!

The Slide

Just like the Nirvana, except the woman is on top. Same intense feeling!

The Splitting Bamboo

This one requires a bit of flexibility but you’re getting maximum penetration.

The Eagle

Oh, how fun is this  — you’re not doing the work, your guy is! So lie back and relax.

The Fan

Like doggystyle, he’s coming in from behind but you have the ability to play with you in other places such as your clitoris and breasts. More pleasure!

The Sphinx

The pushing-down pressure will give you extra satisfaction and let your rub your clit against the surface you’re on.

The Butterfly

What’s great about the butterfly is that you both have control over how deep you’d like to go. So no matter how small the penis, girl, you can have it all in you!

The Crossed Keys

Just like the butterfly but more intense. Your legs are crossed making things tighter and deeper!

The Dolphin

Not only does this position have a fun name, it’s super stimulating. Once again the woman has the option to grind herself on the man and to move in and out.

The Deckchair

This is definitely more of a grinding position — still thrilling nonetheless! You’re deep inside, comfortably seated and rubbing. What’s not to love?!