FDNY Chaplain Saves The Day For Young Bride And Groom

Photo: Ann Kansfield, Facebook
fdny chaplain saves wedding
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The tragic NYC crane collapse threatened to ruin their wedding day.

Reverend Ann Kansfield isn't just the first woman FDNY Chaplain in history. She's also the person who saved the wedding day of Nesh Pilay and her handsome groom, when a tragic crane collapse in New York City locked up traffic downtown on Friday.

Rev. Kansfield was at the scene of the collapse to help people in the vicinity who may be experiencing emotional trauma, when she saw a young bride in a gorgeous wedding gown exit a salon. The bride started shivering in the sleet without a coat, with bare shoulders. She was trying to catch a taxi to her wedding at city hall, but traffic was at a standstill and there would be no taxis there in time.

The bride and her family had been at the salon having her hair done for her wedding when she heard and felt the terrifying crash that killed one and injured at least three. 

"We could hear the bar shake. It was just scary cause things have been scary since 9/11," the bride's sister, Kuvanya told metro.us

Rev. Kansfield gave the bride her cozy firefighter's jacket and one of the firefighters gave her a blanket. They walked the six blocks to city hall, slowly, since the bride was wearing heels.

Because of the delay, the original person scheduled to marry the couple was no longer available, so Ann stepped in to join the couple in holy matrimony.

Congrats to the happy couple, and thanks to Rev. Kansfield (and the FDNY), for reminding us that New Yorkers are the BEST. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones of those affected by the devastating crane collapse.