Ask These 3 Questions On Every First Date To Size A Man Up — Fast!


Dating the WRONG guy? ... No one has time for that!

Plenty of Experts offer advice about how to best present yourself on a first date.

What you should you wear. Whether it's OK to drink ... and if so, what your booze choice says about you. Should you meet up for coffee the first time, or go to dinner? And what about the dreaded movie date — good idea or BAD idea? It's all up for grabs in the world of dating and relationship advice.

But the REAL million dollar question is — How long should you wait before you ask your date the really tough questions?

You know, the questions he'll judge you for that might freak him out and "push him away." For instance:

  • What consequences come from bringing up your ex too soon?
  • What happens if you share your past dramas (and traumas) too soon? And, what if you screwed up your last relationship?
  • What about your dating goals? Do you want to get MARRIED? If so, how soon can you say so?

Ohhh, it's all so scary! Right? ... Get real, ladies. 

There is NEVER a perfect time to share your dirty little secrets without scaring the WRONG guy away. But, did you ever consider ... maybe properly-timed questions can actually help attract the RIGHT man to you?

You don't have to control yourself so rigidly on a first (second, or third) date that you hide your desire for a real relationship.

Overwhelmingly, men and women DO still want to get married. That means, at some point, you're going to have to tell your guy that marriage is on your mind. The mistake is waiting too long in the hopes that the guy you're dating comes to the realization on his own. 

So, how can you find out faster if your bigger goals are compatible with his? 

By asking a few well-placed questions. And Know-It-All Nancy has the top 3 you MUST ask as early as your first date.

Watch her advice in the video above and write it down. This isn't trickery, it's just plain smart.

You need to know how to share your deepest desires without sharing all of your dirty laundry too soon. Nancy has the exact words to say, and explains how to ask so you can find the answers you're looking for and don't waste countless time dating a man who doesn't want the same things you do.

Need a little dating pick-me-up? Nancy specializes in giving women the straight truth about men, and how to date with your head screwed on straight. Her trilogy of books include: God, Please Fix Me!, Never Date a Dead Animal and Secrets of the Ultimate {{ Husband }} Hunter. You can find them on AmazonBarnes and Noble or her website knowitallnancy.com​