10 Daily Habits Of Crazy-Successful, Crazy-Intelligent People

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10 Habits Of Successful People

There are some who believe that successful people spend their weekends working overtime, but you'd be mistaken to equate success with a workaholic mindset.

The truth is that most of those who are successful use their weekends as a way to productively unwind and connect with themselves, their loved ones, and their goals.

According to Laura Vanderkam, author of What the Most Successful People Do on the Weekend, successful people value the importance of productive relaxation, which allows them to recharge and reconnect with themselves and their goals.

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10 Habits of Successful People

To aid you in your ambition and goals, here are 10 habits of successful people.

1. They enjoy waking up early.

While they may not get out of bed at their normal 5:30 AM, they're also not crawling out from under-the-covers at noon.

Successful people tend to wake up with a purpose (which can very well be just to enjoy getting up, having their morning coffee/tea/juice, and getting a head start on whatever activity they have planned).

2. Successful people like leisure activities that help them relax.

Successful people know that there's more to weekends than zoning out in front of a television in your pajamas all day — which is why they make the most of their downtime with activities that allow them to relax, have fun, and connect with the people and areas of their lives that bring them pleasure.

Whether it's reading a book in the sunshine at the park, visiting a local farmer's market, scheduling brunch with a friend, or indulging in a passion project, commit to your leisure and make a plan; the opportunities for a weekly staycation are endless.

3. They don't overbook their schedule.

Running from one commitment to another isn't a sign of success — it's exhausting. High achievers know the difference between being busy and happy, and are realistic when gaging their goals and the time allotted in a weekend.

Translation: Pick two or three things you want to do in your two days off and leave it at that.

4. They don't pack all of their chores into the weekend.

Is there anything worse than working all week only to have a ton of unopened mail to tend to in a messy house on Saturday morning? Instead of pushing all your tasks to your only days off, assign them on a day during the week.

Clean the bathroom on Monday morning before work, wipe the fridge down after work on Tuesday, pop a load into the laundry on Wednesday, and stop by the grocery store on your way home Thursday. Doing it "little by little" will leave the big block of time for things you enjoy most.

5. Successful people don't overindulge.

Treating every weekend as spring break is only going to make you feel like garbage and steal away days that could be spent doing things that are positive and productive.

If you feel you need to "unwind" every weekend, take it as a sign that you need to make some adjustments to your overall lifestyle. A massage, hot yoga, and even a lovely dinner with your best friend can be just what you need. Yes, you can have the wine, obviously.

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6. They ditch the 'FOMO' mentality.

The whole concept of FOMO ("fear of missing out") is a bit childish to successful people.

They have bigger plans, bigger dreams, and much bigger priorities than pushing themselves to get dressed and go to a club they've been to a dozen other times, in order to make sure no one else is having more fun than they would be watching a movie and relaxing on a Saturday night.

Successful people know that life is all about choices and don't push themselves to spend their downtime doing something they don't want to do.

7. They stay active.

A walk along the river, a bike ride to a neighboring town, a gym visit, or a run through a park — successful people know that staying healthy is their responsibility and appreciate the release of mind-clearing (and mood-boosting) chemicals that are released through exercise.

8. Successful people know when to disconnect.

Being so connected to email, social networks, friends, and colleagues is often a good thing during the week, but when we can't step away on our days off, we force our minds to work overtime even when our body is out of the office.

Commit to staying present in the moment for at least 80 percent of your downtime and you'll likely have more clarity (and less stress) when you get to those work emails on Monday morning.

9. They make the most of their Sundays.

If you're looking at Sunday as "the day before the work week," you've got it wrong. Doing this cuts your weekend in half; no wonder you feel stressed and exhausted come Friday!

Take control of the dreaded "Sunday sadness" by putting aside an hour Sunday morning to set the tone for the upcoming week. This will have you feeling calm and in control for the rest of the day, and will make your Sunday evening a much calmer experience.

10. They create their own 'me time.'

Set aside one hour that's completely for you and you alone.

Whether you ask your partner to watch the baby while you go and get a massage, slip away into a hot bath, go for a long drive and listen to your favorite music, or simply take a walk, it's essential to remember that you're an individual worth taking time out for.

Taking care of and nurturing yourself is an essential component to your success, as it all starts with you.

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