5 Rare Traits Of People Often Described As The Most Interesting In The Room

Know your worth and everything else will fall into place.

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Going to a new place where you don’t know anyone presents high-level social anxiety for a lot of people. In a new environment, you might ask yourself, “What do I say?” or, “How do I  connect with people?” 

There’s always that moment of anticipation when you walk into a party or work event when you wonder how people are going to see you. If you’re someone who has the following personality traits, you know just how intriguing you really are.


Here are 5 rare traits of people who are described as the most interesting ones in the room:

1. Being passionate

Jodie, a lifestyle influencer, explained, “Being interesting is all about having a unique purpose statement.” She said that when she attends networking events, she introduces herself with her professional title, and also includes what she’s passionate about doing.



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She believes that leading with your passion “teaches people how to engage with me, what people they should be introducing me to, [and] who I should be meeting.”

2. Emphasizing their uniqueness

Jodie also maintains that having a strong sense of self-worth makes her one of the most interesting people in the room. She believes that playing up the traits that make her stand out is a surefire way to keep people’s interest.

She says, “I know my UVP: My Unique Value Proposition.”

5 Rare Traits Of People Described As The Most Interesting In The RoomPhoto: Anna Shvets / Pexels 


“I know there are certain things I can talk about or teach you that [are] unique to anyone else in the room,” she said. “It doesn’t have to be technical, it doesn’t have to be work-related. It can literally be, ‘I’m passionate about classical ballet, and I’m gonna teach you about it.’ You’re gonna leave knowing something, learning something, or at least being interested.”

3. Being charismatic

Jodie also touched on showing off your charisma, which she claimed was “the key to get you into any room.”

“You want to have energy, charisma, and you also want to be likable,” she explained. “Charisma comes down to a few components: It’s energy, likability, and confidence.”

She advised having a mantra when you go into a new space and reinforcing your sense of self-worth. If you believe you deserve to take up space, other people will believe in you, too.


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4. Asking real questions

Lewis Howes, the host of "The School of Greatness" podcast, shared his tactic for being one of the most interesting people in any room: Ask the right questions.



He explained his distaste for basic questions, such as “What do you do?” and “Where did you go to school?” 


“I’ve been in so many networking events and that’s what I get, all the time,” he said. “I try to just ask a question that most people would never think to hear or get when they meet someone.”

5 Rare Traits Of People Described As The Most Interesting In The RoomPhoto: Alexander Suhorucov / Pexels 

Howes recommended asking simple yet intuitive questions, like asking people about their passions, or what they’re grateful for. By presenting questions that don’t have automatic answers, people have to dig a little deeper to find their answers, and they’ll remember you for inspiring that.


5. Showing interest in others

A major part of being interesting is being interested in other people.



Influencer Georgia Wellman shared her take on how to be an interesting person, saying, “The most interesting people are interested. Essentially, people like people that are interested in other people.”

“You’re not going to get more friends by telling cooler stories, or being the best,” she said. “You’re gonna get friends by asking people about them and being interested in their lives.”  


Being the most interesting person in the room isn't about changing who you are, it's about embracing who you are with confidence.

Ultimately, the most interesting people are confident yet vulnerable. They’re curious about the people around them and invest time in getting to know those people on a deeper level.

Most importantly, however, people are drawn to others who are secure in their uniqueness. Being the most interesting person in the room is not about changing who you are, it's about embracing who you are and being excited to share your exuberance about life with others. 

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