10 Reasons A Zombie Would Be WAY Better Than Your Lame Boyfriend

Photo: AMC
Zombies and walkers in "Fear The Walking Dead" AMC

Fear The Walking Dead, the spinoff prequel to The Walking Dead, premieres tonight, and it's already getting amazing reviews and has already been renewed for a second season despite not even coming close to having anyone as perfect as the divine Daryl Dixon (at least not yet). The show covers the earliest days of the outbreak and takes place in Los Angeles, which is a beautiful twist, considering a lot of people there lack brain function in real life.

Since there's no Daryl Dixon equivalent to fall in love with on FTWD just yet, let's all make the most of it and just fall in love with some walkers. Believe it or not, a lot of them may actually be better for you than the toxic douchebags you're currently dating. Seriously! Here's why dating a zombie would probably be a positive move for your love life. (And if it gets a little too scary for you, just remember to aim for the head and run faster than whoever else is around you, and you'll be fine.)

It's easy to win arguments.

Photo: Tumblr
Zombie being shot in the head with an arrow on "The Walking Dead" AMC

He's always drawn to you.

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"Fear The Walking Dead" fence zombie walker

He's not afraid to show affection. Or use teeth.

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Zombie walker biting Andrea (Laurie Holden) on AMC "The Walking Dead"

A zombie won't tie you down unless that's what you want. Mostly because they can't make knots, but still, it's great to not feel pressured into a commitment.

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Michonne tied up near a zombie on "The Walking Dead" AMC

You never have to worry about a walker drinking and driving.

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Michael Rooker as Merle Dixon before his death on AMC "The Walking Dead"

You have an automatic excuse for your kids being hideous.

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zombie baby

They'll never spoil movies for you, because their limited brain function makes them unable to process plots.

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Zombie eating popcorn at the movies

He understands how you look and feel before you've had your coffee.

Photo: Tumblr
A zombie walker on AMC "The Walking Dead"

Group dates are always a go.

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Walker zombie horde in AMC "The Walking Dead"

They're easy to trap. No pregnancy required!

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Zombie walker trap AMC The Walking Dead