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This Viral Before/After Make-Up Removal Video Is Insane

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This Viral Before/After Makeup Removal Video Is Insane

It really is amazing when you think about all the things that you can do with makeup.

If you want to have longer lashes, then you can just paint or glue them on.

If you want sharper cheekbones, you can just contour.

If you want bigger lips, then go over them with a lip liner.

The power of makeup is, without question, completely astounding. 

But what one woman was able to achieve was on a whole other level. It was downright shocking.

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In a 2015 video titled "How To Remove Your Face," the wonders of makeup are put on full display for the world to see.

A South Korean woman recorded herself removing her eye makeup from only one half of her face. The side-by-side results were amazing. Why? Because you got to see the huge difference between the size of each eye.

The video gained more than 6 million views and had many comments wondering exactly how she had done it. However, much like with most viral videos, this one wasn't without its negative reactions and haters.

The woman received backlash for wearing what some had deemed as "too much makeup." A woman condemned for wearing makeup? As if that one's never happened before. Insert eyeroll.

However, the woman in the video also received a lot of praise for her talent with applying makeup.

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Besides the eye shadow and eyeliner, many people had speculated that circle lenses and tape were the causes of the illusion. Circle lenses are very popular in Asia and have a black circle that surrounds the iris. 

These types of lenses are believed to have gained popularity by people wanting to look like an anime character.

Others also use double-eyelid tape to lift the eyelid and make the eyes look bigger.

Makeup artist Sharhana Mohd Sharif weighed in, saying that there are a few ways to fake the look of much bigger eyes.

She said, “There is a technique in drawing. Eyeliner can help make your eyes look bigger by drawing it and extending it at the corner of your eyes to make it look like cat eyes.”

She also added, “You can also use white shadow under eyes but only line it halfway. If you draw full liner, it will make your eyes look smaller.” 

But even a professional makeup artist like Sharif had admitted that what this woman had done with her makeup had impressed her. She said that the woman had “good skills in drawing.” Talk about the understatement of the year.

However, this definitely seems like quite a lot of work. We don't envy her morning makeup routine, but it's also incredible how she pulled off the illusionary tricks of something you'd see from the best magicians in the world.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on May 2015 and was updated with the latest information.

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