WHOA: This Viral Before/After Make-Up Removal Video Is Insaaaane

Photo: YouTube
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How did she do this?!

It really is amazing all the things you can do with makeup. If you want longer lashes, you can paint or glue them on. If you want a sharper cheekbones, you can just contour. If you want bigger lips, then go over them with a lip liner.

But what this woman was able to achieve is shocking.

A video titled "How to remove your face," uploaded May 2, really shows the wonders of makeup.

A South Korean woman recorded herself removing her eye makeup from one half of her face. The side-by-side results are amazing; you get to see the huge difference between the size of each eye.

The video has more than 6 million views and many comments wondering how she did it.

Besides the eye shadow and eyeliner, many people have speculated that circle lenses and tape is the cause of the illusion. Circle lenses are very popular in Asia and have a black circle that surrounds the iris. It's believed to have gained popularity by people wanting to look like an anime character.

Others also use double-eyelid tape to lift the eyelid and make the eyes look bigger.

Photo: WeHeartIt

This definitely seems like a lot of work. We don't envy her morning makeup routine.