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Woman Wonders If She's Wrong For Siding With Woman Who Had An Affair With Her Sister's Husband

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woman supports the woman who had affair with sisters husband

Everyone supports their family in difficult times, but sometimes unconditional support is not as easy as it seems. 

One woman explained on Reddit how her sister’s husband cheated on her with another woman. However, instead of supporting her sister, this woman is siding with the mistress — kind of.

While this may put the woman in a bad light, after witnessing the sister’s behavior, she may be in the right. 

“My sister "Annie" (30'sF) is obsessed with a girl, let's say Jane (20'sF), that her husband cheated on her with in mid 2020...Jane's not the first or the last. ”

The woman further explains how Jane was a good person,

“She was one of the decent ones. Didn't realize he was married, broke it off when she found out, and sent the proof of his cheating to his wife.”

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Ever since Annie found out about Jane, she has been stalking her social media.

Annie was quick to put all the blame on the other woman rather than her husband. The woman explained how Annie has been stalking Jane’s social media and complaining to her about Jane.

“Any time Jane posts about something bad happening, Annie calls me up to gloat. Any time she posts about anything good that happens, Annie starts crying about how it's not fair.”

In other words, Annie is obsessed with Jane. Her life revolves around her and she determines her feelings based on that.

Annie feels happy when Jane is sad and is miserable when Jane is happy.

The woman wrote that Annie calls and texts her often to rant about Jane. The woman has been patient with her sister by offering her advice, but she doesn’t listen.

“She doesn't want advice, doesn't want to leave him, just want to vent endlessly. My other sister is also tired of this, but my mom says we need to be gentle because it's hard for Annie. I just want her to stop!”

The woman tried other methods after that as well but still had no progress, “I tried sympathy, tough love, changing the subject, suggested counselling, nothing works. It's nonstop Jane did this and Jane said that.” 

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At this point, the woman had enough of her sister's baseless comments.

“I hit my boiling point this morning when she was going on about how Jane's fiance would cheat because she's too fat (she's pregnant!)”

The woman couldn’t keep siding with her sister anymore. She had lost all her patience and went on about how her husband is the villain in this situation. 

She described her sister's husband as “a slimy serial cheater who likes to creep on barely legal teens, who never supported her through illness or depression, never lifts a finger around the house… criticizes her appearance harshly even though he's below average in looks.”

The woman went as far as calling her sister’s life “a massive dumpster fire” and that was the reason she was “obsessed with Jane’s life”.

Since then, the woman has been receiving an earful from her family and Annie’s friends for siding with the mistress. However, she doesn’t think that she is wrong.

Internet users are quick to side with the woman but suggested that the sister might need help rather than putting her in the wrong.

Most of the users have supported both the sisters and suggested that the husband is the bad person and he should be the one to be punished. 

One user said, “The common factor between all these affairs is your sister's husband. Jane called a stop as soon as she learned he was cheating with her. If anyone is at fault it's your BIL [brother-in-law] and he's who your sister needs to deal with.”

Another user wrote, “Your sister is too obsessed with this… she's still with the cheater who must be looking for another girl while Jane continued her life.”

To which the woman replied, “He actually found another girl a few months later! That was one full on crazy, calling the house, trying to see the kids, crying and screaming in public. But somehow my sister could shrug that one off, which is so weird.”

Sounds like the only a--hole here is the Annie's cheating husband!

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