Want To Know If Short Hair Will Look Good On You? Use This Easy Test

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pixie cut

When you see beautiful women rock the pixie cut like Anne Hathaway or Ginnifer Goodwin, you might be tempted to go for the big cut. But once you go there you can't turn back.

So how can you tell if you'll look good before making the move?

You could try and check out a wig, but there are measurements to say whether your face is attractive. You can use math to see if your face will suit a short cut.

LifeHacker reports that the true test to see whether you'll look good with a short 'do is going by the "2.25 inch rule."

Photo: LifeHacker

Hold a pencil horizontally under your chin, then get a ruler and measure the distance between your ear to the pencil by standing it up vertically. If the distance is under 2.25", feel free to chop it off!

We say go for it. You never know, your short hair can help you find a hubby

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