WOW: What 6 Hours Of Photoshopping Looks Like Before And After

Photo: WeHeartIt
picture of model

We all have something we want to "fix," but perfection is completely impossible without Photoshop.

Photoshop and all its "magic" has been on the public's radar for sometime, mostly backlash for it's fraudulent creations and unrealistic image it forces women to look up (and live up) to, damaging self-esteem in the process. But unless you've used the program firsthand, at an expert level you'd be shocked at just how much can be done with the click of a mouse.

Bad hair day? Manicure not looking up to par? Lips not looking lusciously plump? All of that can be "fixed" within a few hours on the computer.

To show this, RARE Digital Art, a retouching studio, made a video retouching a picture of woman blindfolded. Her skin's texture is smoothed out, her lips get a bit fuller, and her nails and fingers even get the full treatment!

We're glad that brands like Seventeen Magazine have stepped up and are taking the "no-Photoshop pledge," because things like this greatly impact young girl's self-esteem ... young girls who, sometimes, grow up to be insecure women in part to these sketchy media practices.

It's disappointing that other magazines and ads are still using this practice, most times making celebrities unrecognizable! What message is this really sending to our girls? We'll let you have a look and decide.