Feeling Unmotivated? Get Back On Your Feet By Doing THIS [VIDEO]

Rocking your confidence goes a long way!

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Sometimes, you bring people into your life who are completely genuine but just don't realize their worth. Even though you know they have a lot of potential, it's hard for them to reconcile that image you have of them with the person they are now. Just the thought that they can't understand the greatness that you see is so hard to bear. It goes without saying that when you really love and care about someone, their happiness becomes connected to yours.


We get it. Seeing how unhappy they are with their work and personal lives puts an uneasy feeling in your heart that you can't shake. It leaves you wondering how you can possibly get them to recognize their talents and overall potential when they can't even see it for themselves.

How can you inspire the people around you without being overbearing?

Before you do anything, it's imperative that you take your loved ones' reaction into consideration. Authors Charles Orlando, John Gray, Life coach Barbara Schiffman, Counselor Kelly Crossing, and Hypnotherapist Laura Rubinstein raise the point that you have to tread carefully when dishing out advice that isn't completely wanted.


We couldn't agree more!

Even though you mean well, your persistance can end up having the opposite effect and drive them away. Sometimes, it's harder to force someone to change if they aren't willing to.

What causes people to get off track?

Hearing our experts discuss different reasons why people feel uninspired put everything into perspective: "There's probably a fear in the way. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown...It's really about getting clear on what it is that you want for yourself in your life, what's most important and then taking responsibility for having what you want."

We've all had that one moment where our fears and insecurities stopped us from doing something we love. That's why the best way that you can motivate your friends and family to work towards a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life is by showing them that they are not alone, that you've been in their exact position before.


It's super important that you actively work on reaching your own goals. Just knowing that you understand and can relate will make a HUGE difference.

So if you want to inspire them to work towards being the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be, you've got to give them a chance to rise to the opportunity.