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About Barbara Schiffman

To me, we evolve ourselves and our lives through our relationships -- with our Self and our Soul as well as with everyone else in our life. 

After being a successful Hollywood script consultant and career coach for over 30 years, I followed my inner calling to live my purpose as a Life&Soul Synergy Coach. I love teaching people easy and empowering ways to receive Soul-level guidance from to enhance their lives and relationships, their creative endeavors and their ongoing personal evolution. 

Among other tools in my Life&Soul toolbox are:  Akashic Records Counseling & Healing tools, Life & Career Breakthrough processes, Life Purpose coaching, Grief Recovery support (for all types of loss or bereavement),  Guided Imagery & Hypnotherapy (including Soul Keys Hypnosis).

While I love taking new classes and learning new things, I've gained wisdom and insight primarily through experience, experimentation, exploration and my own personal relationships. 

I've been married for nearly 40 years to my amazing husband Glenn Schiffman, who's also an award-winning author and spiritual teacher.  I'm proud to be the mother of a world-traveling daughter who's happily married and raising twin boys (I love being a grandma too)!  

I "parented" my own aging parents after they both suffered strokes and major cognitive decline.  I also I supported my husband as he helped his parents in their final years.  When my husband broke his leg at age 70, I learned how such an injury (or illness) impacts both spouses in significant ways.  

I've also had a variety of business partnerships, joint ventures and shared projects, so I know first-hand how partnering in business can be as challenging as partnering in your personal life.


It feels as if I've already lived several lifetimes in this current life.  I'm grateful for all the challenges, setbacks, losses and sorrows as well as the opportunities, surprises and joys.

Since I moved from Chicago to LA at age 21 to work in films and TV, I’ve taken countless leaps of faith -- and now teach others empowering ways to take them too!  My ecourse on Taking Your Leap of Faith -- available at DailyOM.com -- includes tips, tools and support for taking leaps of faith in any part of life including career and relationships!

My personal Leaps: I’ve walked on hot coals (with breakthrough coach Tony Robbins), completed a half-marathon walk on the Ironman Triathlon path on the Big Island of Hawaii (13.1 miles!) plus several 5Ks in LA.  At age 56 I returned to college to become a Certified Hypnotherapist and Therapeutic Imagery Master Facilitator as well as a Past Life Regression Therapist.

I also became a public speaker after overcoming life-long shyness and went on to co-found Toastmasters4Writers, the first Toastmasters Int'l chapter in LA for writers of all types, in 2005. 

My other adventures have been internal and creative:  writing, teaching, coaching and supporting people to transform their lives, relationships and careers.

I’ve been an author, journalist, screenwriter, film producer and host/producer of internet radio shows over the past 20 years.  I’ve also published book chapters in 9 anthologies (so far) plus dozens of articles in print/digital publications like Vision Magazine, Radiance Magazine, Inside Look Magazine, Writers Digest, Publisher’s Weekly, LA Daily News, Emmy Magazine and on websites like SelfGrowth.com, in addition to YourTango.com.

For over four decades, I've balanced dual careers in personal/spiritual development and the film/TV industry. I've been a speaker or panelist at dozens of personal growth or writing and showbiz expos. I’ve also led entertainment career breakthrough trainings in person for Flash Forward Institute and online for Rubicon Results Institute as well as serving as a script consultant for screenwriting 101 classes at Belmont University, Vanderbilt University and the Nashville Film Institute.

My life/career coaching work blends intuitive tools with practical insights to help people boost their own positive energy from the inside out.  I’ve created Life Synergy programs which are available as ecourses, book+CD sets, teleclasses and in-person workshops. Learn how to Take Leaps of Faith and also to use Nature's Four Elements to stay centered from the inside out via my DailyOM.com ecourse Energize Your Life with the Four Elements.  

I'm certified as an Akashic Records Advanced Teacher and Healing Practitioner (trained and mentored by best-selling Akashic author-expert Linda Howe), a One-Hour Mastermind Director, a Grief Recovery Specialist (trained by Grief Recovery Institute co-founder Russell Friedman), an NLP Practitioner, a Simple Abundance Workshop Leader (trained by best-selling author Sarah Ban Breathnach), a Voyager Tarot Teacher/ Coach (trained by Voyager creator-author James Wanless, Ph.D.) and most recently as a Soul Keys Hypnosis Therapist (trained by Martin Petersen of The HypnoAcademy, creator of the Soul Keys process).

To me, life is an adventure every day – and all we have to do is hang on, pay attention and enjoy the ride!







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