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Love is a verb... never forget that great love and a great life requires action.

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 Below are the weekly requests for articles from Cris, Kim and the editorial team. Please use this list as inspiration to write pieces and publish them to your profile. Reminder: Kim and her team will edit articles after they're published. Edits will be limited to content, typos, SEO help, image changes and clarity. If your article requires major edits, we may not promote it due to time constraints.more


Please reference and link back to the news item when writing your article so it's clear to the reader why your article is timely and relevant.

1. Boyfriend proposes using virtual reality headset 

A Californian man used a virtual reality headset to create the perfect proposal full of sweet memories from their early courtship days for his bride-to-be. Article Ideas: How to plan the perfect marriage proposal, How has technology has changed the way people show love? 

2. Rendeevoo Is A Dating App That Cuts Straight To Cocktails 

A new dating app claims to help you find dates without all the awkward online small talk first. Each person submits a date and time that they are free to meet up for a drink, and those with similar availabilites can be set up. Article Ideas: Is this type of app (Tinder included) contributing to "hookup culture?" Can people actually find love through apps like Tinder and Rendeevoo that omit personality in finding a "match?" Are men who use these apps more likely to try to use a woman for her physical attributes rather than get to know her? 

Article Ideas: Why parents should never fight in front of their children, How divorce affects not just children's mental

health but their physical health as well, Why showing your child positivity is so important

4. You're Sexier In Springtime

Our bodies are biologically predispositioned to be more receptive to love in the Spring.

Article Ideas: Why Spring is the perfect time to get out and meet someone new, Why men find women more attractive in the

Spring, Why women are more receptive to men's advances in the warmer months


1. Kanye's nude pics of Kim

Kanye West posted nude photos of wife Kim Kardashian on Twitter (link above) proclaiming how lucky he is to be married to

her. As usual, most normal people are shaking their heads as to why he'd share naked pics of his daughter's mother with the entire world. (Think about Teen Mom turned porn star Farrah Abraham.)

ARTICLE IDEAS: While we're not superstars and our pics aren't likely to be broadcast globally, should parents be concerned

about their kids seeing the sexy selfies they post on Facebook or the naughty nudies they text to their husband or boyfriend? What should a parent do if their kid does see photos of them naked?

2. Kids and chores

Only 28 percent of parents make kids do chores even though 82 percent of them had chores growing up (link above). Instead, children are spending their time outside of school practicing Chinese, martial arts, soccer and hip-hop even though years of research have shown that doing household chores actually help children succeed in life. ARTICLE IDEAS: Why should kids be doing household chores? What are the benefits? What chores are age appropriate? How can you motivate kids who've never done them before? Are we making childhood too easy for kids? 

3. "Sex helps your career" and other surprising benefits of getting on the regular

ARTICLE IDEAS: New research shows that people who have more sex do better in their careers. Are there any other surprising benefits of sex, both physical, emotional, professional, etc.? 


Don't forget to answer an Ask YourTango question from our readers! Keep your answers under 400 words and please do mention that you are a YourTango Expert and link to your page.

My boyfriend completely ignores me after an argument. Help!

I'm a girl, and my best girlfriend and I are very touchy-feely. Is this normal?


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HuffPost 50: HP 50 is looking for stories on issues that affect people who are 50+. They also like general news

stories/posts about celebs in their demographic.

HuffPost Divorce: HP Divorce is specifically interested in divorce and cheating/infidelity-related content. (General

breakup-related content is less likely to be promoted.)

HuffPost Wedding: HP Weddings is looking for wedding content as well as stories about issues relating to engaged couples and women, i.e. "Is Marriage The New Status Symbol?"

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